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Mobile Madness – Ariana Gets Crafty?

But first an update on Knut vs. Oliver 2008.. Thank you SO much everyone for voting.  Opinions seem to be pretty much evenly divided,  so I’ll have to do what I always do when I can’t make up my mind… buy both! Now onto the mobiles.. One of the last things I want to tackle […]


Why I Love My Husband

Because he puts together cribs when I ask him to, even though he’s exhausted after a long day at work.. and he only gets a little mad when I hover over him telling him he’s doing it wrong: Because he unexpectedly comes home from a trip to home depot with a baby swing, and installs […]


Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Well, it makes us good neighbors, I’m still not too sure about THEM. By THEM I mean the family who live next door who are very nice but clearly don’t count home maintenance among their virtues. Oh yeah, Hi, I’m back!! Well, sort of back..Jeff (Aka the Charmed & Dangerous widower) has been doing house […]