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Santa Was Very Good to Me..

Aparantly the 56 thousand hints I dropped to Jeff about the Flip video recorder did NOT fall on deaf ears, there was one under the tree for me Christmas day! Now I get to bore dazzle you with live video of every minute detail of our lives.. Just kidding. Sort of. Really I wanted the […]


Why the Bust Holiday Craftacular Rocks!

Dad manning the C&D booth. This past Saturday, Charmed & Dangerous had a booth at the Bust Holiday Craftacular in NYC. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect because of previous circumstances. Previous circumstances being that the last show we did (Shecky’s Girl’s night Out) we were next to a sex toys booth. Which is […]


It Looks Like Christmas Threw Up on my Mantel and Other News

My husband isn’t known for his, -hmm.. how do I put this politely? – “restraint” when it comes to decorating. Witness what happened to our faux fireplace mantel when I wasn’t supervising looking last night: Help! Where is my mantel?? Yes, Rudolph and all his Misfit Toy Ornament friends have taken up residence on the […]