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My New Portrait Lens

It arrived yesterday, (yay!) and almost made me husbandless. See, I hadn’t told Jeff I was ordering it – not because I was trying to hide it, but just because it didn’t come up.. so he wasn’t happy when he saw the link to it at the bottom of my last post. Happily for me, […]


Living Room Design Dilemmas

Last night Jeff and I took a trip to target and picked up three prospective roman shades..(cause, you know, I can’t be expected to make an actual decision!) Here’s a pic I snapped this morning (sorry its so dark, overcast skies today): I definitely think I like the middle one best even though the color […]


Dressing the Walls a Little

Part of the reason we’re not completely unpacked yet is that its much more fun to do the little things like hang curtains and art than say deal with this: The Mess that is the Office Speaking of office mess, did you find that the amount of paperwork needing to be filed increased like 100% […]