Nursery Tour

I just posted the nursery tour on Becoming-Mom.. hope you like it!

Click here for Nursery Tour

P.S. I would have posted it here, but I wanted to try this nifty new simple viewer/flicrk gallery plug-in and I was afraid it would conflict with another plug-in I have installed.

If you use wordpress and want an incredibly simple to install and use gallery plug-in that can display flickr images by sets.. you definitely want to check out SimpleFlickr. Josh Gerdes is the man.

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  1. FYI: The second “Click here for Nursery Tour” link doesn’t work, it just opens up a larger image of your photo.

  2. Sheesh, thanks LSA. I’m such an airhead. Just fixed it :)

  3. This nursery is perfection!!! I love the mural on the wall. It is awesome! Good luck with your new little one.


  4. I love your babies room! It is adorable!

    Makes me want to have a baby – almost.

    Love your blog –

  5. What a beautiful nursery. It it just stunning! Did you draw the tree and money on the wall or was that a stencil? I just love it. Wonderful job! I bet you feel good knowing it’s completed!

  6. When I said “money”, I meant “monkey”. It feels like a Monday.

  7. I stumbled upon your blog via Mables House and I love your nursery. It’s so adorable. Awesome Blog.

  8. Absolutely flawless. Love the colors, love the decorations, love the classy toys. Oh lucky boy.

  9. […] Nursery Tour […]

  10. What a charming nursery. I just adore the mural. Good choice of colors.

  11. You web site is awesome…you have a great style..your baby will sleep wonderfully under his tree.

    You house for sure needs a painted front door. Periwinkle would look awesom…Orange would be loud and FUN!!

  12. I LOVE this nursery. I painted our girls’ nursery a light green color and immediately hated it. This blue is fantastic.

  13. Love your nursery! The blue wall color is so soothing.

  14. You must be having your baby! We haven’t heard from you in a while!!

  15. What a great blot spot you have! You are very talented! Love the before and after slide show off to the right on your page! I am Realtor, going to send all my first time home buyers to your blog spot!!

  16. Hi! I just linked to your site from This Young House, and what a style you have! Gorgeous. It looks like you have been having a great time with the nursery. It looks lovely!

  17. It is just beautiful….thanks for sharing it with us!

  18. Everything okay?

  19. That mural is to die for – how cute.

  20. Hey guys!

    How are you and the baby?

    — Ottawa-emptor

  21. Tag! You’re it. Check my blog for details.

    And the nursery is amazing!!!

  22. It’s sooo beautiful! What a lucky child who gets to live it this room.

  23. Happy Halloween!
    Liz & Mabel

  24. Beautiful! What a lucky baby!
    Just found your site and I am hooked. :)


  25. Oh my goodness it looks adorable!!! Just stumbled upon your blog & love your style!

  26. this is really just so adorable. i am especially loving the monkeys. my son would go nuts over this!

  27. Your decorating is inspiring.

  28. Just found your blog via Franki Durbin. Love it! We’ve been going through a messy 19-month-long home reno (with a contractor in ‘island time’ all the time). Glad to see some people so very successful on their endeavours! I mean it…

  29. How beautiful! Congratulations! I would love if you’d link to me on your site, I’ve got a link up for you, and I love it!

    xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

  30. That is such an adorable nursery. I just love the colors and the mural on the wall rocks!

  31. I am obsessed with your nursery. It is absolutely fabulous! I am bummed to say that the zebra rug is now impossible to find, I saw it on a few other blogs, too, and my online search ended very sadly.

    I have been looking for something to put on the wall that isn’t too themey or kiddie, and I adore the monkey tree! I am going to do something similar in our nursery. I will make sure to credit you and your blog when I do my own blog post about it! Thanks for having such an inspirational nursery!

  32. Ariana & Jeff

    I just showed the pictures to my wife. The nursery is amazing.

  33. Please tell me where you got the wall mural for your baby’s room. I love it and would like to use it my nursery.

  34. When looking at the nursery,Inoticed that you had listed that the mural was a DIY project. What site did you see it on? Is there a place where I can see a close up picture of it? It’s loveley.
    Thanks Debbie

  35. Hi there. I found your nursery on rate my space. You’re nursery is stunning. And on a budget? I can’t believe it!

    I would love to feature your nursery and a small interview on my site. Please email me at if you are interested.


  36. OMG how CUTE is that wall decal??

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