Feltie Mobile Finished


Unfortunately, the pictures are quite bad.  Jeff’s nesting instinct kicked into high gear yesterday as fear of the baby coming home to a filthy house motivated him to do a top to bottom cleaning.  By the time he was done and had a second to hang the mobile, the beautiful day light had been replaced by dark ominous skies thanks to the series of summer thunderstorms we’ve been having lately.

Between the lack of light and the fact that the mobile doesn’t stay still, it was very hard to get a good shot, even with my shmancy new camera!

Finished Felt Mobile

You don’t get a good view of the individual pieces, so here they are before I had assembled the mobile:

The monkey is the same monkey from the mural. The leaf and the bird were inspired by the leaf and bird that appear in the crib bedding:

The Lion and the Elephant were taken from some illustrations Jeff did, and they obviously tie into the whole “safari” theme. I’m not sure where the cloud came from :)

To make the mobile itself, I used a piece of embroidery thread that matched the animal and simply tied it around one of two dowels that I crossed and bound together. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

So now that the mobile is complete, the nursery is officially done… Full “nursery tour” tomorrow..

18 Responses to “Feltie Mobile Finished”

  1. Seriously adorable. And what a great heirloom to pass down when Jasper is grown. Love it!

  2. Precious (and the pictures are lovely)!

  3. Awesome job!!!

  4. I love the mobile and wish it was appropriate for adults to have felt safari creatures dangling from their bedroom ceilings. If so, I’d get started making one for myself, post-haste!

  5. LOL Mandoo, you just made me snarf my water :)

  6. Just darling! The nursery is very sweet. You should be proud!

  7. and I wasn’t even trying to be funny, I was totally serious!

  8. this is one of my favorite nurseries ever!

  9. Ooooooh! How cute! Delurking to say Congrats and Good Luck and I love the mobile (and your site!).


  10. Absolutely adorable!

  11. You did a great job on this mobile…. I have a baby shower next month and I might just make one of these, as we don’t know the babies sex and this would work for either. Do you have a template for the animals you would want to share?? And the whole room actually is amazing, very sweet!

  12. I LOVE this mobile! I have been searching everywhere for one to match our nursery! I spotted this on the project nursery site and finally tracked you down! I was hoping to find out where to buy it…have you considered making them to sell? Or any clue on how to direct someone to make one? thanks so much for ANY help!! :)

  13. WOW! That mobile is sooo cute! It actually looks very Dwell-esque. I also love that wall artwork you have with the monkey & the tree. It looks very much like a Blik wall decal. So chic! Great blog!

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  15. Amazing nursery. Love the mobile. I especially love the bedding. Can you share, where did you buy it?

  16. It’s been ages since I stopped by.

    Can’t wait to dig around and see how things are progressing. Congrats on the very cool nursery. For many couples, those are tough rooms to make look hip like the rest of the home. The secret (as you clearly know) is to put your own spin on it and let your imagination go wild. NICE JOB!

    Big thumbs up. I’ll feature this on my blog as a cool nursery design. Love it!

  17. Both you and your partner are very talented! I love this mobile and absolutely adore the wall mural! Would there be any chance of getting templates for both?

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