Gotta Love a Rebel..

canon eos 450 digital rebel

The Canon Digital Rebel xsi that is (aka the new love of my life).

Yes, after years of lusting after a dslr of my very own, I finally bit the bullet and spent the big bucks to get a REAL camera that arrived yesterday!

(BTW, I decided to buy it from an online store called and it was great. Price was better than amazon, plus no tax to NY and free overnight shipping because they are in NJ and their standard shipping only takes one day to NY.)

The imminent arrival of becoming-baby was the final shove I needed to get off the fence. Any day now I could go into labor and then poor Jasper’s first pictures would be documented in crappy snap shots! Definitely can’t have that.

As I got my hands on it yesterday and began to play with the different settings I realized how long it had been since I had the freedom to set my own aperture, or shutterspeed.. and made me remember how much I used to love photography when I had a film SLR.  My Olympus OMPC and I took a lot of great photographs together back in the day (Even a few album covers for fellow musicians that I’m pretty proud of) and I remember the magic of getting those first contact sheets back..the anticipation of having NO idea how the images would turn out, it was like stabbing in the dark compared to today’s instant gratification of checking the LCD screen immediately after depressing the shutter!

I did toy briefly with the idea of starting to use film again when my mom found the old Olympus while cleaning out a closet last week.  It was tempting, but the reality of having to buy and store film, pay for prints and then have to scan them in to my computer to manipulate them in photoshop is ultimately too prohibitive. But mostly when it comes to the idea of photographing our first born child, I don’t want to take any chances. I want to make SURE I have the shot. From what I hear they grow up too fast to do otherwise.

Now I’m just waiting on this amazing portrait lens to arrive, and of course the little star subject himself.. please let it be soon!

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  1. […] in honor of the much anticipated arrival of my brand new Canon Digital Rebel yesterday I took a few pics of the only subject around – […]

  2. Yay! That’s awesome! You’ll be so glad when Jasper comes..your pictures are going to be amazing!

  3. I thought for sure you had gone into labor since you had taken a mini hiatus from blogging. :-) We have the rebel and LOVE it.

  4. Congratulations! I bought the Rebel XTi when I was expecting my second son and his baby pictures are soooo much better than the point-and-shoot pics I took of my first son. And the 50 mm lens is so sharp – it’s amazing!!!

  5. LOL Michelle, I was afraid people might think that.. no, i’ve just been in a pregnancy induced haze of laziness. Well, that and the heat wave that makes our office unbearably hot!

  6. Congrats on the new camera. I think it should be a requirement for new parents becuase you will get such use out of it!

  7. Thanks mrs.limestone, I knew you’d approve! ;)

  8. Congrats! Now begins the fun of playing and upgrading it’s accessories. Glad to hear you got a prime – they take such nice pictures. Reminds me I should use my primes more… Or maybe sell them to pay for more renovations. :-)~

  9. Corey, I don’t even know what “prime” lens means.. shows you how much I have to learn!

  10. […] it didn’t come up.. so he wasn’t happy when he saw the link to it at the bottom of my last post. Happily for me, fate intervened and just at that moment his coworkers threw him a surprise baby […]

  11. It means no zoom, aka fixed focal length. They are great for low light, and they usually offer that dreamy look to the background that a lot of folks get a DSLR for.

    All the tech geekery aside, you’ll love it. It is the perfect low cost prime for the baby pics that you’ll soon be taking. Once you see the picture quality from it compared to the 18-55 zoom lens, you’ll especially love the prime.

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