From the Files Friday – July 4th 2003

From the files Friday started when I bought a new computer that came with a little widget to the right of my screen that searches for any image on the hard drive and displays it in a slideshow. Every so often it unearths an image that has been burried so deep in my file system for so many years that I forgot it existed, so I’ve decided to post one or more of these every Friday.

Today’s images are from July 4, 2003.

We were living in a bi-level apartment on east 9th street in NYC with two other couples, Jay and Sarah (now parents of six month old baby Daphne) and Justin and Amy. Yes, that’s SIX people in one apartment! Madness.

The best thing about the 9th street apartment by far was the massive (by NYC standards) deck that we took full advantage of in the summers, BBQing almost every night and of course on holidays like the 4th:

Jay, looking like he’s sunbathing. I actually think he’s passed out at this point!

That’s Justin in the Blue shirt in the top right corner. The girl on the guy’s lap in the foreground are Mike & Tracy, parents of 4.5 month old baby Gemma.

Amy & Justin. Justin now lives in Atlanta, and is the artist behind all of the large paintings in our house.

Some things never change, Jeff at the grill as always..

The day after the party was so hot that we went out and bought a kiddie pool for the roof deck. That’s my sister roxanne on the right and Jeff wearing our pool strainer (a colander) on his head. We never used the pool again after that day!

Have a great weekend everyone.

8 Responses to “From the Files Friday – July 4th 2003”

  1. Wow, those are some great pics! I miss that deck!!

  2. I miss the deck too, though I miss the company more!

    I have so many of what I think are great pics from the past 7 or so years since I got a digital camera which is why I started the whole friday files thing. But judging by the lack of comments I am probably the only one that finds them fun to look at ;)

  3. Priceless!

  4. Wow it all looks like so much fun. It makes me wish it was Summer right now (over in Aus its Winter and freeeeezing cold)

  5. Sounds like you have some really fun memories of your time in NYC.

  6. Please, I love looking at them. Keep them coming.

  7. This begs the question…how did you get the water OUT of the pool?!?!

  8. LOL jean, I have NO idea.. wait, I think there were two drains on the roof deck for rain, we must have poured it (hopefully slowly) in there!

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