Dwell Studio Nursery Rug Arrives!

Well, our little detour into non-nursery land was rather short lived… But only because the Dwell Studio Zebra Rug we registered for (given to us as a  shower gift from our uber stylish family friend Renee- no, seriously, she is a movie wardrobe stylist) arrived last night!

I LOVE this rug because it’s wool, not one of those awful chemical smelling fake olefin or whatever other synthetic fiber stuff that gives me an instant headache.

Plus, even though the colors are NOT as picture on target.com (as many reviewers pointed out) they turned out just as I hoped they would -  much softer and a perfect match for our color scheme. In fact the darker brown color is remarkably close to the brown of the tree in the monkey mural!

And now for your viewing pleasure:

Most importantly, sammy gives the rug her stamp of approval:

The overall dimensions were actually bigger than I expected based on the reviews, but  it works. The hardwood floors in this room somehow got really scratched up, so the extra coverage is fine even though smaller would have been ok too.

Now I just have to finish the mobile and I’ll post a whole “nursery tour” and then we can forever be done with the nursery posts!

24 Responses to “Dwell Studio Nursery Rug Arrives!”

  1. It looks amazing: and I don’t mean just the rug. The whole room “got style” girl!

  2. Looks really great! It’s been fun seeing the nursery come together, and it looks like you’re ready for the little man’s arrival!

  3. I love it!! Its a great size for a crawling baby to get some practice on when the time comes.

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  5. The rug looks really great in the room. The perfect touch!!

  6. adorable!!! i love it so much. everything is stunning. what a lucky baby!

  7. Oh, I love the rug. It looks perfect!!!

  8. I honestly don’t think it would be possible for that rug to be any cuter!!! I LOVE it!

  9. WOW! Very awesome nursery!! That’ll be one happy baby! :)

  10. This is the best nursery I have ever seen, it makes me so clucky for a baby. I have to wait a few more years though but I can dream.

  11. i love the rug!
    what a posh nursery!

  12. Wow – I LOVE the nursery. You guys have done a fantastic job.

  13. Hippest nursery ever!
    I am LOVING that rug!!!!
    I must have it ;)

  14. Incredibly cute! Will be even cuter with Baby J in it. :-)

  15. We agree with Sammy, the rug is perfect. In fact, the entire room looks completely charming. Congratulations!

  16. I love your color combos– where’d you get those green roman shades?

  17. Why’d my comment disappear? Where’d you get those shades?

  18. Love love love the rug, anyone know where to get this rug in Canada? or any website that would ship it to canada? congratulations on the little on!!! Great job.

  19. Melissa, the shades are from JCPenney, Savannah Roman shades in “soft lime”.

    Vicky, target doesn’t ship to canada?

  20. No Target doesn’t ship to canada unfortunatly!!! That’s why I’ve been trying to find another place that would ship internationaly or somewhere that would have something similar somewhere else.

  21. I noticed that http://www.Amazon.com sells this rug for target, does Amazon ship to Canada? I just put in Dwell Zebra Rug and it came up.

  22. Where’d ya get those drapes? I like the light design. We used the Dwell for Target Zoo/blue with the George Baby Soft Circles from Walmart and need this rug.

  23. I know i am resurrecting an old post, but I am curious how your roman shades have held up. Have they blocked out heat/cold at all? And, of course…gorgeous nursery!

  24. I love the green roman shades! I love green in general..but they really pop against the white. lovely!

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