Knut & Oliver et al. take Residence

This weekend was all about baby as both of our nesting instincts kicked into full gear.

Aside from purchasing everything we still needed from our registry and taking our first childbirth preparation class on Sunday, we also did some work on the nursery and I washed, folded & put away every tiny item of Jasper’s clothing! Whew.

All we need now is for the target zebra rug to arrive and the nursery will be done (aside from the rewiring project which Jeff has decided to do himself after all.)

First of all, I thought you’d all like to see the changing table area with its adorable new creatures in residence courtesy of Creative Thursday:

I also picked up two sets of the Ikea Kompliment drawer organizers to use in the Hemnes dresser. I’m so glad I did, I highly recommend them especially for baby.. their stuff is so tiny it just gets lost in the drawers otherwise!

Ikea Kompliment Drawer Organizers -perfect size for newborn diapers

Jeff also built shelves into the closet, which has made it so much more functional. Lastly, he raised the curtain rod a few inches. I think we installed the old one before we realized that curtain hardware shouldn’t necessarily be drilled into the window casing. The result was that before, you could actually see the roman shades through the top of the tab tops which really bothered me:

Before with curtain rod in window casing

After, a few inches above casing.

So much better right?

Hope you had a fun holiday weekend!

19 Responses to “Knut & Oliver et al. take Residence”

  1. You two have done such an amazing job! The nursery is so sweet and peaceful. And already full of good mojo from all the love you’ve put into it.

  2. Looking great! So soothing and peaceful just like a baby nursery should be.

    Total agreement about those Ikea fabric organizer boxes – I use them and they are very handy.

  3. It’s really come together! I’m so excited for you guys. Just can’t wait to “meet” Jasper. :)

  4. It’s totally gorgeous and I think the 4 pictures work perfectly. I’m glad you weren’t forced to choose between Knut and Oliver after all

  5. I really like the color on the walls. Can I please ask the name of the color and brand? Thanks.

  6. I love love love it. Really, fantastic nursery.

  7. Soooooo cute! I’m so glad you decided to get both Oliver AND Knut. :-)

    Hooray for the 7th Generation diapers too – they’re wonderful!

  8. Beth, I can’t wait to meet him either!!

    Jan, the color is BM crystal blue.

    Stephanie, funny you recognized the dipes :) I actually bought a smallish package of 7th Generation but also some pamper’s swadlers just incase.. people swear by the swadlers, so I was scared to be without them. But if we have a choice I’d much rather find out the 7th Gen. ones work just as well!

  9. Those prints look gorgeous hanging above the change area. Lucky little Jasper.

  10. Lovely!!! I picked up the same drawer organizers and love them. Question for you: where did you find the oval shaped liner on the changing pad? I searched high and low for one and came up with nothing.

  11. LOVE it! You did an amazing job. Want to come do my nursery now?

  12. The nursery is absolutely beautiful, Ariana!
    Would you like to redecorate our home next? ;)

  13. I love it! I love your blog too. We did the exact same Hemnes dresser for our baby’s changing table. You’re going to love having it and using it. It’s the perfect size, the drawers are right there, and best of all: it’s not a changing table! It’s a super cute dresser in its own right. We have since moved and now that dresser is in my bedroom where it is also beautiful and functional. Note to self: get me some of those drawer organizers!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely world.


  14. Oh, and there is justt nothing like folding your baby’s wee little garments when you are doing laundry. So cute. Enjoy! Because you will be doing a LOT of laundry.


  15. Sara,
    The oval liner came with the cover for the changing pad, it’s the Boppy brand but I could have sworn that I saw spare ones of these in the aisle at BRU where they have things like matress pads etc.

    Jbhat, glad to hear you’re getting so much use out of the dresser, so far we love it too :)

  16. I look at decorating websites far more than I care to admit… and have to say this is one of the lovliest nurseries I’ve seen I love the atypical colors, the peaceful, fresh look, the balance, comfort and practicality. Oh lucky Jasper! May you sleep soundly here, dream lovely dreams, and fill your room with love.

  17. The nursery looks beautiful! Look how organized the drawers are!

  18. I love love LOVE what you’ve done here! The windows look amazing, I seriously love the blinds you have.

  19. Ari,

    You did so much to the room! It looks so tranquil.
    Hope Jaspur enjoys the mobile.

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