The Home Stretch

We’ve made some more, albeit slow, progress in the nursery.

The shelf went up:

As did all of the Roman Shades:

(Yes, that is a very bright shade of lime green!)

We didn’t get much that we registered from at our amazing Shower this past weekend, but one of the things we did get was cash with the specific instructions to use it towards this Dwell Studio Zebra Rug:

The reviews on Target said that it is much lighter in person, more of a cream and tan than dark brown and Ivory, which I actually think will look perfect in the nursery. I can’t wait to see it in person!

I also received this beautiful mobile at the shower:

And since I’m still in the process of making my own mobile for above the crib, we hung this one above the changing table.

Speaking of the changing table, the creative thursday prints arrived and were all ready to be hung and photographed last night when Jeff accidentally broke the glass on one of the Ikea Ribba frames (Ikea and me are like oil and water lately.) So that area will need to wait to be photographed until we make it to Ikea this weekend. (fun fun fun).

There is one larger project that needs to be tackled before becoming-baby arrives, which is some electrical rewiring. Like many old houses, the placement of the outlets in our house is perplexing at best. In the baby’s room, there are two outlets on the wall immediately to the left when you walk in where we have the crib, both completely useless to us:

We need an outlet on the other side of the closet door where the lamp and cd player are.

The good news is there is a pull chain light in the closet, so electric can be tapped there, but Jeff is a little worried about doing his own electric, even though I keep pointing out to him that he wired the chandelier in the downstairs powder room to a switch plate. But I see his point. The house burning down with a fire that started in the NURSERY of all places is obviously something to avoid at all costs.

Speaking of costs, any idea what an electrician would charge for this type of job? Having DIYed most things in the house, I’m clueless to what actual professionals charge for these things! Is this the type of thing we can trust a “handyman” type from the pennysaver to do correctly?

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  1. Wow – the nursery is looking wonderful! What a lucky little guy you’re going to have! :)

    I’ve always hired handyman type guys to do more complicated projects that I don’t feel like tackling. They’ve always done a great job, and tend to be much less expensive than formal companies. Craigslist is always my go-to place to find them.

  2. The rug looks super adorable. Can’t wait to see it in place.

    I tend to think running electrical lines is best handled by an electrician rather than a handyman. Sure a handyman CAN do it but as you’ve said, burning the house down isn’t worth the savings. This shouldn’t take either type more than an hour to do (not including the time you will need to spend cleaning and patching up after him) so it shouldn’t be very expensive no matter what.

  3. I LOVE those lime green Roman shades! What a gorgeous color! Can I inquire as to where you found them?

  4. The nursery is beautiful!
    The romann shades are fabulous.
    Love the color!

  5. I guess it can’t hurt to get an estimate from a “real” electrician and take it from there.

    I actually didn’t like the shades at all at first because I thought they were too dayglow! But now I’m used to them and they seem to go well with other elements in the room, like the leaf color in the mural.

    They are these from Jcpenney in the “soft lime” color.

  6. we had our 1928 cottage fully rewired for $5000 {in Atlanta}. it is the safest thing to do and you will get it back if you ever sell.

  7. the nursery is so amazing. that bright pop of green on the windows is so lovely! i dont think ive ever liked a nursery this much :)

  8. I can’t tell if that shot of the crib is from a magazine or your actual house! It’s lovely! The wall decal is so adorable. You have lovely taste.

  9. I like how you placed the little stuffed animals up there on the shelf….looks cute!

    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More’

  10. Can’t help with the electrician estimate (my husband does all of our wiring) but did want to say that everything looks adorable. I can’t wait to see your felt mobile!

  11. Thanks Angelica!

    Steph, I’m hoping to make some progress on the mobile this weekend.. I sort of lost steam because I couldn’t find the right green color felt for the leaves, but I will try to keep the motivation going anyway :)

  12. Thanks Sara, it is our house LOL, its actually a mural my husband did :)

    whistlerpotpie – I’m astounded you got such a great deal on the rewiring! I wonder how much it would be for us to do something similar, double I’m sure. Everything is double in NY. It would be wonderful though..right now nothing makes sense. 90% of the house is on one circuit breaker which is troublesome. Plus we need more amps or wattage or whatever it’s called!

  13. Wow, what are gorgeous nursery. You’ve done a beautiful job. Best wishes for the countdown!

    Amanda xx

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