From the Files Friday – Southermost Point

From the files Friday started when I bought a new computer that came with a little widget to the right of my screen that searches for any image on my computer and displays it in a slideshow. Every so often it unearths an image that has been burried so deep in my file system for so many years that I forgot it existed, so I’ve decided to post one of these every Friday. Today’s image:

Southermost Point

Me, Jeff and Sammy at the US’ Southernmost Point in Key West FL 10/17/2004.

It was my birthday weekend and we were living in Fort Lauderdale. Jeff surprised me with a trip to Key West. We stayed at a dog friendly B&B, (which I think doubled as a gay nudist colony) and had an amazing time. One of the highlights was roller blading around the island, it was an excellent way to sight see, despite the fact that it was tricky dodging pedestrians on the overcrowded sidewalks!

(On an unrelated note, it’s shocking to for me to see how thin my pre-pregnancy body was, I feel like I am at least twice that size at the moment. I wonder if I’ll ever be skinny again post baby?)

Here’s another wider shot that I took of Jeff so you can see the beauty of that spot:


Have a great weekend everyone!

4 Responses to “From the Files Friday – Southermost Point”

  1. I’m sure you are still “thin” but pregnant, if that makes any sense. I guess I’m trying to say I’m sure you still look beautifuL!

  2. Thanx Quix,
    I feel like a whale, that is to say NOT beautiful, but its a small price to pay ;)

  3. Sammy!!!

  4. Absolutely love your blog!! Funniest thing is, I was looking at the rug in the nursery and came across the southernmost point picture. Here it hit home because I am from Key West and live in Tennessee now. Awesome awesome blog.

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