This is just the beginning…

Of baby clutter:

It didn’t hit me until today, but we will become one of those people. You know those people on HGTV who are trying to sell their house and the real estate agents come in to critique them? And if you are DINKS like we are (soon to be were) you can’t believe they thought it was ok to have an entire portion of the living room dedicated to plastic kid crap!

But now I realize it’s because you have to. There’s no where else for it to go. And there’s just so much of it. We haven’t even had our baby shower yet and we already have too much baby stuff to know what to do with, I can’t imagine where we’ll put it all.

For example, where do you keep those plastic baby tubs when not in use? It’s not like you can fold it up and put it under your bathroom sink!

I imagine that you just become blind to the eyesore that has become your former beautiful home. The same way that women “forget” the pain of childbirth or how moms can continue a conversation right through a chorus of  “”mommy mommy mommy” without hesitation.

You become immune.

Those people on HGTV probably don’t even see the toys in the middle of the living room even though the rest of us are gasping in horror.  We will become them, it’s just a matter of when.

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  1. Yup, you will get used to it, and surprisingly quick! Soon, you’ll start matching colors to all the Fisher-Price toys…by the way, that is a very stylish diaper bag you have!

  2. My cousin just had her babyshower last night, and it just hit her (while her husband was putting together the double stroller) that her “grown up” house was a lost cause.

  3. I think you are right that most people become blind to it…but not everyone. Its rare but I do know a few mothers who manage to keep the extra baby crap to a min. These are the same women who just keep what they actually use and throw away things as they become defunct.

    Don’t give up on yourself so easily. You can keep down the clutter if your heart is into it.

  4. I am that woman you speak of! It looks like Toys ‘R Us puked in my living room and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it at the moment. I have high hopes of getting it all organized and getting rid of stuff but with another on the way I’m still going to need it. I vowed never to become her but when my sister came to visit and I had rubber puzzle mat squares all over my floor (Noah learned to crawl and we have tile) she stopped dead in her tracks at the front door and comically said – “So… you have kids?”. Yep, that was the day I knew I was her.

    When is your shower? I hope Jasper doesn’t get too anxious to join the party!

  5. @Ginny, its a Fleurville Sling Tote.. and I’m convinced its the world’s best diaper bag, of course I’ve never actually USED a diaper bag before! It comes with the world’s best diaper price tag though unfortunately.

    @Mrs. Limestone, then I’m totally a lost cause because I’m a hopeless pack rat :)

    @LOL Dawn. At least maybe with your new addition you have more storage space? Shower is this Saturday!!!

  6. Yup…lots of plastic crap for years to come. For years I dreamed of the dedicated playroom. I’ve become very clever at hiding all the toys though.

    p.s. I’ve tagged you on my blog. Look forward to learning more about you.

  7. Hey, I love your blog, I just tagged you on my blog!

    Uh-oh, looks like Betsy did too!

  8. This post made me chuckle because it’s so true :) However, it won’t be that bad. A lot of toys can be easily hidden in big ottomen (they make a fabulous nice looking toybox) or nice trunks. Also when you buy new pieces of furniture, make sure they have drawers where you can hide even more toys ;D
    We used to dry the babytub after each use, put it in it’s original box and “hide” it in one of our storage closets.

    It’s really not that bad trust me :) It’s all about finding good places to hide all that stuff :P

    (Right now our son’s 2 and he already knows where all his stuff is lol)

  9. Oh my gosh, I’m there with you. I’m due Oct. 7 and we already have more stuff than it seems like we’ll need.

  10. My most liberating moment was getting rid of the diaper bag, and all of the stuff that went with it. My Little One is now 10 and she has to carry her own entertainment/stuff with. I am Lovin’ It!

  11. LOL Awesome post. I’ve told the Fiance that if/when we have kids we’re not buying any of that crap and the kid will have to learn to play with the occasional cardboard box. The upside is that it will make him a bitter, creative genius.

  12. Ha ha…so true. I’ve become blind to all the kid stuff in my house. At one point I think we had 3 strollers in the dining room (don’t ask, I’m a stroller fanatic). I think we only have two in there now.

    We have a converted garage that we use as a playroom though, so the mess is generally in there.

    As far as the baby tub goes…it stays in the large tub. Slide the shower curtain over and voila…it’s hidden!

  13. LOL Claudia. I can see wanting more than one stroller too, I’m already fanatical about ours and I haven’t even “used” it yet.

    Hmm, so ok about the tub, but if that’s your only place to shower, how do you do that with a baby tub in there?

  14. We have two showers, so it’s OK to leave it in there because we don’t use that shower. If you only have one, well then I guess that would be difficult.

  15. We only have one shower and we would take it out of the tub to shower and put it back in to store it. Kind of a pain but it worked. And we used ours for over a year and a half!Our baby is 2 and Im not blind to all the stuff. You can keep it organized in a small house, sometimes it will get out of control and you just have to reel it back in. We are working on turning our 3rd bedroom into a playroom. You can keep your cute house, it will just be tough when the baby is really little-more stuff!

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