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Last week, I finally had to admit to myself that I needed a new computer. Mine was over 4 years old, which is the equivalent of what in human years, 98? After a few BSOD episodes (for you mac people that’s “Blue Screen of Death”, sort of like a sad mac. i.e. very very bad.) I bit the bullet and ordered a new Dell.

One of the features of this schmancy new desktop I got is a little widget to the right of my screen that searches for any image on my computer and displays it in a slideshow. The cool thing about this is every so often it unearths an image that has been burried so deep in my file system for so many years that I forgot it existed:

slideshow widget

Slidsehow Widget

It’s fun to see these long forgotten photos, so I’ve decided that I’ll share some of these here and call it “From the Files Friday” or maybe “Friday Files?”At any rate, it’s my first attempt at a regular feature.. I’m not known for my stick-to-it-iveness, so this may be the first and last but we’ll see!


Friday File: Michele and Hector dancing at their wedding in Xacatlan Mexico

This is an image I shot in the summer of 2006, about 6 months after our wedding. Michele is my dear friend from growing up, we went to school together from 3-12 grade and remain very close even though she lives in Minnesota and I rarely see or even talk to her. But when I do, its like no time at all has passed. One of those friends.

Hector is from Xacatlan, so the wedding was a large traditional celebration with about 250 of his relatives (most of the town!) in attendance. It was truly a village affair, Hector’s brother built the stage you see them dancing on and his uncle the town mayor performed the wedding ceremony.

Michele and Hector met during Tango lessons, so it added a whole other layer of meaning to the two of them dancing together on their wedding day.

It wasn’t easy for us to get to this remote Mexican town, physically or financially, but the memories of that experience will stay with us forever.

Now Michele and Hector have a baby boy Leo, who is approaching 10 months old. I hope someday he and Jasper will have the chance to get to know one another.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi,

    I loved this photo and the story about them meeting during Tango lessons.

    Can you tell me how you go about getting this Widget?


  2. Thank’s Jan!

    I think it’s a feature of Microsoft Vista:
    It was preinstalled with my computer so I didn’t have to do anything to get it. I’m sure similar type widgets exist that you could download and use though?

  3. ohhh…. jealous about your Dell. I too have to retire my sad little Compaq laptop. She barley likes to do as I say anymore, has a hard time at start up and shut down and got a very very bad virus not long ago. You know what they say, once they get sick, it’s hard to come back, like a broken hip. We swear by Dell and their fabulous tech support. We accidentally zapped our Mothership Dell (boyfriends computer that I won’t touch) once, and Dell sent a tech out within a day or so to replace the motherboard..for free! Excellent warranty. Have fun!

  4. stick-to-it-iveness, huh? I might have to borrow that word.

  5. Kaz, my new dell is truly fabulous I must say.. I got a great deal on an XPS which even comes with more advanced tech support! I’m happy to hear about your positive experience with dell tech support, I’ve had my issues with them in the past, but last week I needed something and they were great, so maybe it’s improved.

  6. Ari, what a sweet surprise to discover our wedding photo and story on your blog!

    Your presence (and that of Jeff and your parents) at our wedding made it so much more special and meaningful. Words can’t express how much we appreciate the lengths to which you went to to be there!

    I was just checking up on your pregnancy progress over on Becoming Mom and came here to see more nursery photos. Once here I discovered your Friday Files photos, another great idea.

    I LOVE the nursery so much, I wish I could live in it! If I hadn’t already done Leo’s nursery I’d be hard pressed to do anything other than slavishly copy Jasper’s.

    We may be far apart – but you are often on my mind, and always in my heart!

  7. Aw, Michele, you just made me cry!

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