Family Picnic

Every year my dad’s family has a big shindig on father’s day weekend at his very wealthy cousin’s estate in Bryn Mawr, PA. They call it the “family picnic” but the word picnic doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

There is a professional DJ, videographer, caterers, centerpieces, an ice cream man, etc. etc. Its a pretty fancy affair and I hadn’t been in a while. In fact, most of the family had never even met Jeff, which is pretty crazy considering we’ve been together 5.5 years!

I managed to snap a few pictures between catching up with everyone (“no, it’s NOT twins!!!”) so you can see the magnificence of their house.. if i were more agile and mobile than I currently am at the moment I would have run around taking better pictures, but you get the idea:

Formal Gardens (there’s a koi pond at the end..)

Basketball and tennis courts (that’s my mom and dad playing, aren’t they cute?)

Part of the back of the house (that’s a miro sculpture!)

Rose covered Pergola. And I thought our roses were nice…

Me squishing Jeff under my mammoth weight!

“Secret Garden”. We called it that because we couldn’t figure out what the pineapple looking plants that they were growing in there were.

Pool with changing cabanas in background.

Trust me when I say these pics don’t do it justice. It was a lovely time, marred only by the fact that I started having contractions for the last hour and a half of the trip and had to make another trip to the hospital (I’m fine now) but that is a story for another  blog..

Hope you had a nice weekend!

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  1. You don’t look like you’re havig twins, you look adorable! I just had a 10 lb. baby in March, and am pretty small like you. I gained about 35 lbs, and I have to say, it just dissolves off of you pretty quickly. I still have a weird tummy, but 14 weeks later, I’m back to my normal weight.
    Good luck with everything! (I really like your blogs!)

  2. You look beautiful – What a belly!!! I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off my stomach if I were you.

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Heather, I hope I only gain 35.. I’m up to 30 already and still have 8 weeks to go, so it’s rather unlikely ;)
    But I’m so glad to hear that it can melt off.. that would be wonderful.

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  5. Gorgeous – both you and the house!!! The Fiance’s Grandmother has a formal English garden…and someday I’m told it will be my job to maintain it. I’m scared.

  6. Now that’s a party! You look adorable, by the way… what a cute dress….and you’re a perfect size!

  7. What a beautiful place! And what a cute couple ya’ll are! I’m always so hopeful when I see pretty dress-wearing pregnant women such as yourself. But who am I kidding… there’s no way I’d be that genetically lucky. I’ve seen photos of pregnant women in my family. Let’s just say… they dont look like you. :)

  8. Liz,
    I’ve seen pictures of you AND your family and you are all beautiful. I’m quite sure you’d be the cutest pregnant woman ever!

    I just posted today about the slideshow widget on my new compute, it’s pretty cool except the bad thing is that every picture I see of myself is prepregancy and reminds me of how fat my face has gotten. It’s quite alarming actually :)

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