Roses Roses everywhere..

In addition to his many other talents, my husband also has a very green thumb.

Or maybe it’s just the weather.  Whatever the reason, the roses this year have been unbelievably abundant.. I don’t think half this many bloomed last year!

Roses by our bench

Up Close..

Terrible picture, but look at all the roses on top of the pergola!

In other news..

we are having someone come to clean our house for the first time ever today… ah the luxury! It just took me being 7 months pregnant to use as an excuse, but I’m quite sure that we’ll never go back now. Seems like it will be one of those things that once you have it you can’t imagine how you lived without it all those years..

Plea for help

If you have a moment, could you please hop over to becoming-mom and weigh in on my Oliver vs. Knut art dilemma? I’d be much obliged :)

4 Responses to “Roses Roses everywhere..”

  1. Lovely! Our roses also bloomed this week – likely because we have experienced a TON of rain in the midwest!

  2. Beautiful roses- and really abundant! I have bittersweet vine growing up my pergola. Will have to wait for autumn for beautiful pictures of that on my blog! They have orange berries and are glorious. Maybe I will post just the greenery for now- pretty,as is!

  3. Yep. Once I had a cleaning person come the first time I made an effort to fit that in my budget pronto. Same with laundry…I resisted sending it out for years…now I can’t imagine NOT sending it out.

    The roses look awesome!

  4. Very nice! Wish we could keep our roses in bloom long enough to get some photos of ’em.

    By the way: TAG, you’re it! Hope you don’t mind. Check out our blog for details:

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