Heat Wave Hell

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. Truth is, without central A/C I’ve been literally a prisoner of our bedroom, the only room that currently has a window unit in it.

Generally our house stays very cool thanks to the ginormous oak tree that hangs over our roof. But with three straight days of 100+ degree heat it was hellishly hot and uncomfortable.

Thankfully the heat wave ended today and it is a positively refreshing 87 degrees outside!

I thought I would take this opportunity to show you what I’ve been staring at for the past three days:

Yep, we finally took the plunge and got a flat screen TV for the bedroom! As usual, our excuse was the baby..

Our previous old tiny tv was positioned to the right of Jeff’s head, basically on the same plain as our headboard and a few inches from where Jasper will sleep in his bassinet for the first few months.  It also caused neck cramps due to the 90 degree viewing angle and was one of those “temporary” things that went on way too long.

So at least during our captivity we were entertained in style.. but I’m still thrilled at the prospect of being able to roam the house freely tonight!

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  1. My cousin (formerly from TX)is in NJ and says it’s sweltering .. so it must be bad. Good for you. I love other people that put tv’s in their bedrooms. We always get that “It’s not good for your marriage” lecture, to which I respond by saying “Phooey.”

  2. Hi Ariana!
    First, I want to say I absolutely LOVE your blog!! I’ve been following it for quite a while now (but have never commented before). It actually caught my eye first because I live in Rockland County as well (in Blauvelt). My fiance and I are looking for our first house, and your blog has been fantastic with ideas (I especially love the links for the color palettes! I’m panicking already!).

    I, of course, should know this, living in the area..but do you know of any good flea markets in the area for great, cheap finds??

    Good luck with everything, the house, the baby, stay cool in this heat!

  3. I’m surprised about the TV in the bedroom thing, I didn’t realize it was so controversial! Jeff likes to fall asleep to the TV, so there’s never been an option to not have one really ;) We can always use it in the living room if we want at some point too!

  4. Hi Christina, or should I say Neighbor?

    Wow, we’re practically just across the street (middletown road) from you! How’s the house hunting going? Seems like there are probably some great deals now, unlike last year when we were looking :)

    I wish I could say I had a local source for great cheap finds, but I cannot. I got most of my scores either through craigslist or ebay (using the local search).

    Keep me posted on your house search!

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