The Tree Grows Leaves

Inspired by your positive comments, I came home after work yesterday and my feet were already aching, but I wanted to get the leaves on the mural so that Jeff could paint the monkey and we could finish up tonight!Here’s the mural with the leaves on, only the monkey left to do now..

Funny how different it looks with the leaves. Seeing it this way I think there are a few places we would have shaped the tree differently, but as our old Antiguan friend Randi used to say “In 9 days you won’t even notice!”

Pics of completed project, monkey and all tomorrow morning..

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  1. Looking great. Im completely amazed at your free hand ability…it looks so perfect.

  2. I think it looks wonderful! And how cool for your baby to someday know his mom and dad put so much thought and work into his room. Best wishes as your little one’s arrival approaches!

  3. It’s beautiful! And yes, even you will realize it’s perfect – even if it is in 9 days.

  4. This looks great! Do you think that you could give us a tutorial on how you guys painted this? Any tricks, tools, or suggestions that others looking to paint at home could use?

    That is, if you have time before the little one arrives!

  5. Thanks guys.
    Artsy, when I post the completed pic tomorrow I’ll try to give some tips! ;)

  6. looks great!

  7. Looks awesome! You guys should be really proud!

  8. I think the tree is gorgeous. Just discovered your blog and have had fun surfing around. Your home is lovely! :)

  9. I know I’m going to sound like Bill & Ted…but….

    DUDE! It’s totally awesome!

  10. Positively perfect!!!
    and it was done by his mommy and Daddy

  11. I just found your blog from one of my friends blogs, and I guess trees must be all the rage. I had my sister and brother in law paint a tree for our nursery about 2 months ago! I like your tree!

  12. Yay!!! It looks so great!

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