Monkey Business

Wow, so yesterday’s post clearly stirred the pot more than I expected. Re reading it does seem like I am totally neurotic and unappreciative.. which I suppose I am to some extent. I just over analyze everything to the point of stagnation, which is the subject of endless frustration for Jeff who is the complete opposite. If it were up to him we’d have free handed a tree (some tree, any tree!) weeks ago!

At any rate, thank you all for pointing slapping some virtual sense into me, I will try to recreate some version of this tree WITH the monkey if at all possible.

Because I am loathe to write any post that doesn’t contain some eye candy, here are some pictures in celebration of the blooming of the rhododendrons:

Rhoddies in bloom make the front door so much more inviting…

Rhoddies in bloom between the deck and the pergola area

Rhoddie “Tree”.. yes aparantly there is a species of rhoddies indiginous to this area that grow so big they are like trees rather than bushes.. and my parents are lucky enough to have one at their house. Isn’t it stunning?

Have a good weekend everyone.. wish us luck should we attempt the mural!

3 Responses to “Monkey Business”

  1. I’m the same way about thinking something over for a million years then when we lose a great deal on a pedestal sink ($40 for BOTH pieces!!!) my husband gives me the death glare. Don’t let things get you down. Blame the pregnancy! Can’t wait to see what is sure to be a beautiful mural.

  2. Ariana,
    You are not “totally neurotic and unappreciative”.
    You are simply a caring, loving, about to-be new Mom who wants the best for her new baby and family. So you worry.

    I came across this poem…it applies to all Moms (just ask your Mom).

    “A Mother’s Worry Never Ends” By Chris Marcum
    …A Mother’s worry never ends.
    It just evolves and grows and starts again.

  3. Your “roddies” are lovely. I read in Southern Living that if you can grow rhododendrons (sp?) in your yard, then you can grow blueberries! YUM!

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