Why I Love My Husband

Because he puts together cribs when I ask him to, even though he’s exhausted after a long day at work.. and he only gets a little mad when I hover over him telling him he’s doing it wrong:

Because he unexpectedly comes home from a trip to home depot with a baby swing, and installs it that same day for our party:

Because he gets excited about things like putting up flower boxes:

Because he is an incredibly talented artist:

Because he’ll stand over a hot grill for 2+ hours without complaint, just because I had to have 3 dozen varieties of grilled vegetables:

Because he’s so wonderful with children that I know our son will be incredibly lucky to have him as a father..

…just like I am incredibly lucky to have him as a husband:

Happy 34th Birthday Baby!!



12 Responses to “Why I Love My Husband”

  1. What a sweet post! Nice husbands rock!

  2. Awww, thanks baby, I love you too!

  3. That is so sweet.

  4. Yay, you checked the blog! I thought I was going to have to email you the link :)

  5. HI, can you send me your fertility blog. I accidentally deleted it, so now I just have your home one. :(

  6. So sweet!

  7. Hi CJ,
    It’s http://www.becoming-mom.net , which is also linked off the blogroll on this site :)

  8. Happy Birthday Jeff! You were in our thoughts on the 21st, of course. :)

  9. not to mention he’s HOT!! (no worries, I’m VERY happily married to a sweet potato myself!)

  10. Thanks Cassandra, I think so too :)

  11. […] addition to his many other talents, my husband also has a very green […]

  12. Very cute post! It made me a bit teary. Very sweet. Oh, and the mural in the nursery is incredibly awesome. Great job!

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