A few Party Pictures..

Sadly, there are not many. I was so busy putting food out etc I barely got to sit down, let alone snap any pictures, but here are a few:

(As predicted, no one ventured down to the pergola except when the meal was served preferring instead to crowd around our tiny new ikea outdoor set!)

The pergola,  party ready with star string lights from Christmas Tree Shop but very very lonely.

It was a great party, but I’m glad it’s over.  I don’t recommend hosting parties in your third trimester! It really was too much shopping, cleaning & preparing for my whale size body to be able to handle gracefully. Lesson learned ;)

2 Responses to “A few Party Pictures..”

  1. pretty party, and just think of all the babysitters you will have and love your little one.

  2. Long-term backyard goal: I wonder if there some artful way of connecting the lovely pergola with the deck–or at least creating some kind of “traffic flow” pattern. Personally, I’m not a sun-worshiper, so I’d have made a beeline to that pergola!

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