Different Tree Options

Note the new lamp too!

I like the trunk of #2 and the leaves of #1. Figures!

Thanks to you all, I’ve found several companies that do custom decals (I want more control over the color than the premade ones provide)

Reuseable Vinyl Decals from Wallhogs.com

Regular Vinyl Wall Decals from Customvinyl.com (they even have some examples of nursery applications)



Or, because I’m a tad bit scared of a 5 foot sticker (Try getting THAT out of your hair!) I discovered that you can buy cheap art projectors (artograph tracers) used for around $30 on ebay capable of enlarging up to 7 feet.

Still deciding..

In the meantime, thank you as usual for your wonderful advice. Have a fabulous weekend and please pray that the weather holds for Jeff’s B’day BBQ tomorrow!

Pictures on Monday…..

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  1. I like your original best but maybe the leaves could be a different color/shade than the tree?

  2. Gak! So cute! Love the lamp and the colored leaves! :-)

    Have a great party!

  3. Forgot to add that I definitely like the new lamp option.

  4. Try a vinyl sign shop, where the can cut the vinyl. They run sticky back vinyl through a machine that cuts the vinyl in to shapes, letters, etc. If you give them a pattern they may can make a custom tree for you.

  5. I vote for tree #1.
    Also I came across this Zebra rug at WalMart…not thin but a regular rug.
    Happy Party..Happy Birthday!

  6. I don’t know why it’s not on their website, but I know you can buy the tracer projector at Michaels Arts & Crafts because I’m always tempted to get one. I’m going out shopping today so I’ll check on the price for you.

    The coordinating lamp works much better.

  7. I vote for #1, very very very cute

  8. You could paint it yourself for less, draw the tree on in pencil and the leaves could be a stamp, which you cut from a potato. Just take your time and if you only use 2 or 3 colors, you can pick your own colors. Hooks could be added to hang the wee one’s wardrobe! Benjamin Moore sells small jars -!

  9. Painting is a good idea, especially because you have total control over the colors. I did a mural in my kitchen using a digital LCD project, borrowed from work. My mural had fine lines and from a distance the projection looked great, but when I got up to the wall to actually draw…the lines were very pixilated and unclear. It was Super Hard. In my experience the old fashioned overhead projector works much better! Although your design is fairly straight forward, not too detailed or intricate, so the digital could work.

    Secondly… I ordered a large mural from Blik and it came in a lot of small pieces. I could apply small parts of my image at once, placing it on the wall, rubbing it in, and removing the backing. Then you could place the next section, too…. so I wasn’t dealing with one huge ‘sticker’ at a time. It was a large graphic, about six feet all, and really easy to manipulate and fix to the wall. My arm was tired from all the rubbing, but it worked out well. You may check to see if the custom sites break it up too? or if it really is one large sheet.

  10. Patricia, what a great idea about the potato!
    When you do murals, do you use latex wall paint or acryllics?
    I think the design is probably simple enough to free hand..particularly for Jeff.

    Lsaspacey, did you see the projectors at Michael’s? I have read since I posted this that the projection is SUPER faint and hard to see.. so maybe a waste of money. Too bad, seemed like such a good product.

  11. Oh…beautiful blog!
    I’m the fellow rocklander (w. nyack) from Renovation Therapy…
    Bought a cute little starter home too :)
    Doesn’t look as beautiful as yours…yet…
    But I have big plans :)
    Enjoy your home!

  12. I like the first two trees! The nursery is going to be so adorable!

  13. Hi Liz!

    Gina, welcome fellow rocklander, we are the few but proud..can’t wait to see what you do with your starter home. Are you going to start blogging?

  14. Hi Ariana,
    I am making a very very similar tree for my sister’s nursery. I do not have a photo yet since it is not finished, but i wanted to tell you my solution. I made the trunk out of 4 pieces of thin balsa wood that i bought at Pearl art for $15. (each piece was about 6 inches x 45 inches)The shape of the tree is similar to your Tree #1. I drew it in illustrator and then created a model in newspaper, I used the newspaper pieces to cut the balsa wood (2 hours max). My tree looks like this one, I made it 6 ft tall. http://www.designpublic.com/po.....8;status=1
    I stained and varnished the balsa wood. It looks great since an see the wood grain and it the balsa wood is very simple to attach to the wall.

  15. Google Reader recommended your blog as something I may like, and it was right! You’ve got great taste. I just saw some “wall stickers” at IKEA yesterday, I hadn’t seen the there before. They aren’t one big sticker, more like lots of little pieces you can put together how you want, and they’re moveable, like post-it notes too.

  16. Daniela,
    What a great idea! Can you send me a pic? I’d love to see it.

    Kate, it’s nice to know google reader is recommending my blog ;) I love those Ikea wall stickers… in fact, I have one in our downstairs powder room! http://www.becoming-home.com/g.....After.html

  17. For me it was instant: I liked the second option the best with your color palette. Be sure to look at wallglamour.com. They’ve got cute things as well.

    BTW… haven’t been by in a while. Glad to hear all is well.

  18. i love the new lamp and have been looking for something similar for the past few months. would you mind sharing the source? thank you!

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