I’ve Got a New Plan!

After yesterday’s incoherent blather I decided that rather than post the millions of combinations of bedside tables and curtains that I mocked up in photoshop I will post just the one I think I have decided on and all of it’s elements:

First, I believe that what I reacted to so strongly about the ikea Hemnes bed side table was not actually the table, but the combination of the tall table with that tall skinny spindle lamp on top of it.

Problem solved when I saw this cheerful little lamp from Walmart:

White Ceramic Lamp with Brown Dot Shade, $49 from Walmart 

I think it goes nicely with the bedding (which I placed on the rocker for color reference!)

But, I still love the idea of having more of a bookshelfy type table because there is no space for a real bookshelf.

BTW, it is nearly impossible to do an online search for these little lamp table thingies… they are variously called end tables, accent tables, nightstands, bedside tables, cube storage, storage furniture etc. etc. etc.

Luckily, I finally found this one from Montgomery ward, though I think it’s a bit pricey for what it is:

White “Stackable Storage Cube” from Montgomery Ward, $99.99 

Next, taking advantage of the current sale on window treatments  at JCPenney I couldn’t NOT order these roman shades in soft lime:

JC Penny Savannah Roman Shades, $19.99 each

They seem to be pretty thick so should provide good light blockage, and the lime color will hopefully go nicely with the lime leaves in the bedding pattern:

Of course I won’t know until I see them, but I found a coupon online for free shipping, so no biggie if I have to return them.

The butter color would have worked really well too, but they were sold out:

This wall is the only wall with enough “space” for a mural or decoration.  I had been considering the vintage wallpaper elephant, but it looked silly there when I mocked it up in photoshop…plus it doesn’t really go with the “apple orchard” theme of the bedding.  A tree does though!

I’m a little hesitant after the smooshing & stenciling disasters in the downstairs bathroom to attempt more complicated wall designs.. but I think I can handle this one, if I can just figure out how to project it onto the wall to trace.

Rachel of Waiting in the Capital a fabulous tree mural in her child’s nursery and provided a handy tutorial on how to do it, but it seems a bit complicated using the cardboard box etc.

I work for a university and several of the departments have the projectors that hookup to a laptop, so I may ask if I can borrow one overnight, but I’ll feel ridiculous if they ask me what I need to borrow a $1000 + piece of equipment for… and like I said it’s a university so I would probably be breaking any one of 10,000 university regulations by doing so!

But anyway, I like the symbolism of the tree, and we could even hang little pictures of family members from it, it would have a similar effect to what Famille Summerbelle does with her custom family tree art:

I might want to use a narrower or more simpler tree, and maybe paint the leaves green,  but this is the idea..

Overall, I like the look. The only thing I’m wavering on is if the dot lamp shade looks too busy with the tree behind it. What do you all think?

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  1. cute!!!

  2. LOVE the tree photo/picture frame thing. Would go really well with the designs you have already picked out—especially since you plan to stencil that brown tree on the wall already. I like the earthy-theme you have going, looks like something out of a magazine!

    I think I like the dot lamp…because you use one color to paint the tree in the background, the lamp doesn’t seem to busy next to it. If you had a ton of colors on the walls, I would say go with a simpler lamp, but I think it works.

  3. I totally adore the tree decal!
    The nursery is going to look so adorable!

  4. Wow! Are you are an energetic mama-to-be, or what? All that projector/stenciling talk makes me want to take a nap, and I’m not even pregnant! Might you considered an over-sized wall decal?



  5. Consider. I meant consider. ;-)

  6. You might be over the table search but I actually searched forever for one, actually decided on the hemnes table. Along my way I found tons of options in the bathroom furniture section of stores (Home Goods, Target & Walmart) Usually they all have storage and drawers. Good luck! Can’t wait to see the end product.

  7. Very cute! I like the bookshelf – the scale is better and it will be handy to hold some books when you’re reading to your little one. The tree is nice too. The colour works with your bedding. But I have to agree, I think the lampshade is a little busy…maybe one with a single colour shade with a fun detail like ribbon or little yarn ball fringe?

  8. I am of the opinion that the dot shade is a little busy and doesn’t blend as well as everything else in the room. It’s a great price, though, and the lamp is cute, so I would probably buy it and use another shade for the time being. I echo Stephanie — you’re shaming all of us non-pregnant people! :)

  9. have you thought about a wall decal or sticker, instead of a mural. I’ve had great luck with blik, but there are a lot of other retailers like ferm living, or even Etsy.

  10. Reminds me of “The giving tree” – i love it. Oh and the JC Penny Savannah Roman Shades have a much softer color in person than online so I think you really like your choice. If the dot shade doesnt work (the lamp will) just cover it with another fabric that you like.

  11. I don’t know if I’m loving the lamp myself, but everything else is darling! The tree mural looks like a really special touch.

  12. You guys have given me so many ideas.. and so much to think about!

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