Party Progress

I am exhausted!!

There’s nothing like carrying around an extra 30lbs to make previously only mildly tiring tasks completely backbreaking, like cleaning the house for example. After cleaning the inside of the house from top to bottom I felt like I had been run over by a bus! The advent of the third trimester this past sunday may be just the excuse I’ve been looking for to finally hire cleaning help.

As hard as I worked, Jeff worked twice as hard on the outdoors because it was the last weekend before his BBQ birthday party next weekend and so much to do..

Starting with finishing the fence. He made it shorter overall, shortened the posts  and of course painted it white and it looks so much better! Thanks for all of your suggestions about the post heights etc. Some pics:

New White Picket Fence! 

You’ll notice too that the cherry tree has been raining pink petals on us ALL weekend, which is rather a drag when it rains and you are trying to clean your house.. and there are mushed up pink petals EVERYWHERE.

Jeff also built a cute gate for the fence.  We painted it the same color as our deck (BM celtic blue, a light blue grey) but we quickly realized that color wasn’t working well:

Jeff insists it must be a color, not white, but a little photoshopping shows me it’s better in white:

Unfortunately, after seeing it right under the pictures above with no gate, I’m actually realizing I like it better without the gate. (Sorry babe!) It just looks so closed off with it there – I like being able to see the pathway up to the house.  Hmm, we’ll see how that one turns out, Jeff is pretty attached to his gate being that he built it from scratch ‘n all.

Jeff also stained the front porch and deck. As you may recall, the deck was looking fabulously shabby chic with it’s chippy color. Personally I liked it that way, but I your responses indicated I was in the minority. I didn’t take a picture of the deck after it was restained but you can see it in the following pictures of our next weekend accomplishment: the new patio set.

No exhausting weekend would be complete without a trip to Ikea now would it?

We originally went in search of the Applaro outdoor table that Nicole blogged about recently.  But somewhere along the mazelike path of the self serve section I found these hot pink and orange Greno chair pads that set me off into a whole different design direction that dictated that the set must be white!

In my defense it does go better with our existing wicker chairs.. see:

New Ikea Malaro outdoor table, bench and two folding chairs. Sommar lantern and Lavaro indoor/outdoor rug.   (Notice the newly stained deck..)

We also put out the new cushions for set under the pergola, just to see how everything would look:

Now we just have to figure out an umbrella shade situation given that an umbrella under the pergola is wierd, and our new little patio table doesn’t have a hole for an umbrella.

I thought we could buy one with a tilt and just place it to the side of the new set because it is quite small.. The christmas tree shop of all places has one that would match quite well, the pole is white plastic which I ordinarily would hate but would seem to go well with the white furniture. The fabric is an orangish red which would look nice with the cushions. It’s only $49, so can’t go too wrong!

For the pergola, I’d be best off finding an outdoor fabric and custom sewing something with grommets that we can hook onto the pergola… except I don’t really know where to find the fabric, remember how to sew or know how to put on a big grommet.

Some progress was made in the nursery and office, more on that later – I have to go take a nap!

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  1. I think your fence is fab with the gate. What about a large circle cut out in the middle of the gate? I think that would lighten it up and give you the view up the path that you miss.

  2. I would stick with white or maybe a brighter color on the gate (for contrast), or maybe you could remove every other vertical slat from the gate so you can see through it better. The drawing he sent you in Oct.07 had flowers growing on the gate…maybe get a plant hook & hang a cute flower basket near the entrance to add some drama? (This one has the hook attached to the object, but I would prob. go with a hook that goes in the ground so you can move it if needed)

  3. I love that pink and orange fabric!!! So cute! The yard looks wonderful.

    Sigh – oh how I miss the Christmas Tree Shop. That’s what we get for moving to the West Coast, I guess!


  4. […] Progress in the nursery has been made, the crib was ordered, the 8 drawer Hemnes dresser was put together and actually fits where I never thought it would..only half of the drawers have been put together though, so I can’t post a picture yet, maybe tomorrow! The nursery has taken a backseat to party preparations and trying to get the outdoors in order. […]

  5. Priscilla, funny you should mention the circle… Jeff’s “inspiration gate” had a circle cut out. I thought it might look too nautical, like a a porthole, I suggested a diamond or something.. still, I’m sure it would make it feel lighter, don’t know if you’d really be able to see the path through it or not? I guess no harm in trying!

    Good points Kristin, I will have to look back at the rendering he did and take a look at the flowers. I think every other slat might be too much though?

    Stephanie, I can’t believe there aren’t xmas tree shops on the west coast! I only discovered the joy of the xmas tree last year. I actually thought they only sold ornaments until then ;)

  6. Ooooooh no! Best place in the world for cheap stationery, shower curtain liners, welcome mats and all sorts of other random stuff. Sadly, you can only find them in the Northeast. :-( I’ll be in Boston for my sister’s wedding in October though – perhaps I’ll have to buy a suitcase full of candles and Halloween decorations. :-)

    I think wider spacing between the slats on the gate sounds like it’s worth a shot – you would definitely be able to see the path then:

  7. I definitely think the reason the gate looks strange is that the board spacing isn’t the same as the fence. Since it has the rounded shape on the top it might be hard to change, but making the spacing the same will make the fence match the fence and not look out of place. Good luck with the party this year.

  8. I have those white chairs with the same cushions on our front porch! :)

  9. All your outdoor spaces look fabulous!
    And your pup is adorable!

  10. Nicole, that just confirms that they are fabulous :)

    Ryan & Stephanie, I think you may be correct about the spacing, will pass on that info to the husband.. and wait, (but won’t hold my breath!)

  11. I am loving it with the gate and your back yard looks fab. I’d say, It’s party time!

  12. The pictures look great and my wife loves that dog!

  13. I think a HEART shape would be perfect for that gate… if you are into that sort of stuff. I mean, I wouldn’t want a heart on MY gate… but it would look SO CUTE in that gate! I love things like that.

  14. Everything looks amazing! Tell Jeff Happy Birthday from the Yaps, especially his fellow 5/21 friend!

  15. I just found your blog and I’ve enjoyed looking at your pictures! Your home is beautiful! :)

  16. You have a very pretty home… It’s quaint, looks peaceful and I love the cherry blossoms… :)

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