Progress in the Nursery!

It was a busy weekend at becoming-home!

Before going on, I must post a picture of our Cherry tree that is now in full bloom because it takes my breath away every time I pull into the driveway:

Saturday was cold and rainy so we took the opportunity to make a trip to Ikea where we picked up the really long Hemnes dresser.  Thanks for all your opinions on the matter, it definitely helped me make up my mind, which is no easy thing. I only hope that we don’t realize once it’s set up that its mammoth proportions are just too much for our little nursery.. we’ll see!

We also finished painting the Nursery! I really like the color, Benjamin Moore “Crystal Blue” although I may have gone a tad darker in retrospect.. maybe halfway between this and the next color on the color strip “Robin’s Egg blue.”  Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on how you look at) it we decided on using BM’s low VOC aura paint both for baby’s health and mine while painting. The paint is around $50 a gallon so painting over things is quite a bit more painful.

Here are a few pics just to show the color..

aqua blue nursery

That’s the glider I scored for $125 at a consignment sale and the crib sheets we plan on using. 

Opposite corner of room.
We removed the craigslist dresser from the room, but the vanity is staying until the crib comes because A) We have no idea what to do with it and B) I plan on using it as long as I can because it’s so useful to have a place to put my makeup on in the morning.

We hung these curtains I had left over from an Ikea trip last year. You can’t tell from the picture so much but they have cut outs of branches which goes nicely with the birds leaves and trees in the “orchard” bedding (which Jeff calls “the partridge family sheets.”)

What we really need is inner window treatments though, and once we get those these outer curtain panels may stay or more likely go..?

Here are the only two I can find that I’m considering, luckily both are really cheap (around $25 each) at pottery barn:

Drape shades from pottery barn.

They also have these on clearance (i.e. no returns):

ribbon shades

Ribbon shades from Pottery Barn.

The ribbon shades are nice because they add some much needed color to the window area.. but its the wrong shade of blue. Still, I think it would be easier to attach my own ribbon to these than the other shades. But if I get lazy and don’t want to do anything, the first all white shades are better. Plus, if I decide they don’t work in this room at all, I can use them in our dining room. Hmmm.

Either way, I’m waiting until our LLBean outdoor seat cushions arrive in case I hate them and need to order the pottery barn ones.  Nothing if not a procrastinator!

Hope you had a nice weekend too :)

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  1. We got the same dresser for our nursery and we love it! (our nursery is tiny too, and we have two cribs in there). We almost went with that same bedding too! :)

  2. […] I posted some pics over at becoming-home of the nursery painted (finally!) […]

  3. Ha, Mandy we are style twins! I can’t believe you have two boys on the way, so exciting. You look beautiful!

  4. You’ll probably want black out shades for the inner window shades. It’s so much easier to get a kid to take a nap or go to bed in the summer when the sun is up until 10PM. jcpennney has custom cut blackout roller shades for reasonable prices (even better when they go on sale).

  5. Thanks Ryan! I love when I get advice from parents in the know.. because I am totally clueless without it :)

  6. that is a very, very lucky baby. i love both shades!

  7. Thanks pink! I hope he thinks so to ;)

  8. Lovely nursery furniture. Love the curtains but I
    agree with the shade aspect and napping.
    Like the big window you have in there too.

  9. love to come and paint some images for you, from the sheets, that bird – the tree – let me know! take a look at my blog, and you will see a nursery that I painted with sheets from dwell. love to do that for you and baby.

  10. i really like what you’ve done on the walls. maybe you could try “his eyes” on the ceiling. it’s a citron paint color and the designer named the paint after her son’s eyes, so it would be a fun thing to paint in your son’s room. plus, the matte finish is $48 a gallon, so its a little less expensive. which shades did you choose?

  11. Patricia, you are too kind, I’ll definitely be in touch :)

    Kat, the wall color is Benjamin moore “Crystal Blue”. I think I like the ceilings white because it feels so “airy”. How can a citron color be like someone’s eyes? Very interesting! Coincidentally, the other BM color I was considering was actually called “In your eyes” or something like that.

  12. Wow, that will make a gorgeous nursery! Cant wait to see…

  13. Citron colors are full spectrum, so the color changes all the time. The shadows are spectacular and there can be many different shades of blue on the wall (ceiling) at once, so kind of like eyes. I’ve painted with it and it’s all low VOC’s and really thick. Their website is I thought it would be fun because of the sentiment behind it, but overall it may be too much blue. Also, I said shades but what I meant to ask is which curtains you selected.

  14. Oh Kat, you meant the name of the company citron! I totally misunderstood!

    I’m still not sure about the curtains yet. The ones currently in the picture are from Ikea last year, I don’t think they sell them anymore, but they have burn outs of branches on them so I thought they went well with the “apple orchard” theme of the bedding :)

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