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I usually post baby and nursery stuff over at becoming-mom, but you all are my go to peeps when it comes to design and decor decisions so indulge me for a sec..

We have decided on this mod looking crib and sheet set from Walmart of all places:

The room is really small, and we need to maximize space but also need storage space for baby Jasper’s clothes. So rather than get a separate changing table and dresser, I definitely want to get a dresser that we can put a changing pad on top of.

The changing table/dresser that goes with the crib is a lot narrower that we can fit, even though it is actually bigger in person than it looks:

They also make a matching higher dresser (that cannot be a changing table):

So my question is do you think it would look stupid to put these two next to eachother? Not ideal, but at least I’d have matching furniture and plenty of storage.

Or, instead of these two pieces I could get the Ikea Hemnes 8 Drawer dresser which is really wide and the perfect height to use as a changing station:

BTW, here is a pic of the changing table in someone else’s nursery (I WISH I had that scrumptiously chocolate colored glider chair!)

What to do?

Off topic, but I knew you all would appreciate these fabulous vintage wallpaper decals I posted about on becoming-mom today!

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  1. I like the dresser from IKEA best. I don’t really care for the other one because I think it looks too chunky and boxy for a nursery. It looks like it belongs in a home office instead! Just my opinion. I also think having just one piece of furniture makes more sense. I like the bedding you’ve selected though. That looks very modern, yet fresh and whimisical too. Good luck with your nursery decorating. It’s such a fun time in your life! Enjoy!


  2. Though I think the clean lines of the two dressers goes better with the crib, I’d probably go with the Ikea dresser. You’ll probably appreciate the counter space to put things down. The smaller drawers may also make it easier (one for diapers, one for lotions etc). Butting the small dresser against the taller dresser may not work as well…you may want more ‘elbow’ room.

    The width of the Ikea one looks good… is it deep enough though?

  3. Hmmm, I dont think the two mod style dressers will fit flush against each other (due to the trim on the legs) and a little gap between them would be a pain when it comes to losing toys, dropping diapers, dust, etc. So I say go with the Ikea one! It will look just as nice!

  4. I like the first dresser better. You could pair two different heights if you have the room since there is nothing at the sides of the dresser seperating them.

    I like Ikea but the quality of the Hemnes stuff isn’t anything I’d put in a childs room no less put my child on it. I used to have the Hemnes dresser and it feel apart after a couple of years of moderate use. Its cheap and served its purpose but be careful.

  5. So many good points..! I didn’t even think of stacy’s point about them not fitting flush.

    That’s scary mrs limestone about the hemnes! Did you have the one that is narrower? I agree that one is a little “wobbly” but maybe because of the extra size this one seemed pretty sturdy at the store. But point well taken.

    Thanks Kelly, I love the sheets too!

    Wanderluster, the ikea one is as deep as many changing tables, so I think would be fine.

    If we get the ikea one, We would put in some kind of shelving above it to store diaper stuff too I think!
    If we just got the changing table that matches the crib, I was thinking I could fit a small bookshelf next to it that I wouldn’t be able to fit in the room otherwise.. but I’m just not sure a 1 33″ wide dresser is enough for all of a baby’s clothes?

  6. You do know that crib bumpers are a SIDS risk, right? You will take them out when the baby is actually in there?

    The American Academy of Pediatrics, Health Canada, National Center for Health and Safety in Child Care, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the First Candle/National SIDS Alliance all recommend removing crib bumpers from cribs, as they are a suffocation risk – see the study here –

    No heavy coverings either, or pillows. Only light blankets.

  7. I like the IKEA one the best, too… you coulud add a little molding around the top to hold the changing pad and baby…

    the other one seems a little utilitarian and stark for a nursery.

  8. Im voting Ikea! And while its true Ikea’s stuff isnt surper sturdy…Im thinking wallmart might not be the king of quality either. Ive had Ikea stuff that I have added support beams to to beef it up a bit. I jsut like the look of the long dresser, and it seems to go more with your whole house style. Anyway the decals are sooo cute. Good luck!

  9. I can’t remember the layout of the room, but would using two of the short ones work?

  10. […] we took the opportunity to make a trip to Ikea where we picked up the really long Hemnes dresser.  Thanks for all your opinions on the matter, it definitely helped me make up my mind, which is no easy thing. I only hope that we don’t […]

  11. hi,

    I randomly came across you site because I am trying to locate the sheet set shown in the photo above. I have decided to go with a different crib—but I want the sheet/crib set! Were you able to find it at Walmart? I can’t find it on their website and the closest Walmart to me is about 45 minutes away. Please let me know if you were able to find it and where!

    Brandy Perkins

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