Spring is in the Air..Crap, Another Party

The blooming of the Cherry tree in our front yard:

Cherry tree in bloom

and other sundry signs of spring:

inspired us in a moment of weakness to declare that we needed to have an “In bloom” house party in the next few weeks. This time frame also coincides with Jeff’s birthday, so it seemed like a good idea at the time…

Until this morning I awoke with flashbacks to our Housewarming party. In case you don’t remember, it invovled last minute sink installations, a very drunk husband, and me running around trying unsuccessfully to keep everything together. And that was the non-pregnant-30lb-lighter-more-agile-nimble-version of me!

At this point in my pregnancy the idea of cleaning the house, or shopping for all those groceries etc seems massively unappealing.  

Oh well, the evite is already out of the bag so to speak.. I’ll just have to play the pregnancy card shamelessly and often (Oh, sorry, we’re out of beer? I’m pregnant! What, the bathroom is filthy? I’m pregnant you ingrate!!)

So needless to say, there are may preparations in order, many of which are not so small. Such as sanding and staining the deck for instance.  Another optional project is insalling the french doors in place of the crappy sliding glass doors that we’ve been wanting to do for some time now.

Did I mention we also have a half painted nursery and upstairs bathroom?

Perhaps the most urgent task of all however, is finding new outdoor seat cushions. You may recall that in a moment of pure hubris, I ordered these WHITE (yes I said white) cushions from walmart last year to match your outdoor set. Yeah, shocker of all shockers they didn’t last the season. So now I have to find replacement cushions for this rather unstandard sizes:

Chairs: 3″D x 19″W x 20″L

Bench: 3″D x 18.5″W x 43.5″L

Anyone seen any in that size? Bonus if they are the gorgeous aqua blue like the ones in this set from Walmart!

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  1. Check Targets website. They have a pretty good selection.

  2. Have you tried Pier 1. They always have cushions and their decor changes with the seasons.

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