Granite Backsplash After!

As you may have guessed by my lack of posting, the granite backsplash didn’t get done the weekend before last as it was supposed to. I guess the standard height of a granite backsplash is 4″ but we only had about 3.25″ under the window casings behind the sink. Jeff didn’t tell the granite guy because he figured we could cut the casings more.

Mind you I didn’t discover any of this until the granite guy was already at our house with the granite, which was unfortunate because had I been asked I would have said I wanted the backsplash as LOW as possible, whereas 4″ was higher than the previous laminate backsplash that was there, so it was taking some difficult mental adjustments (and an angry outburst or two) to get used to the idea of more backsplash.

Luckily for me, the granite guy didn’t think it would be easy to trim the window casing behind the sink because it was too close to the faucet. He said he would recut the pieces and come back the next weekend no problem.

PHEW! I really didn’t want that 4″ backsplash.

He came as promised this weekend and the second he layed in the pieces I was in love. It is now in the category of things that I can’t believe we didn’t do sooner.

I had to run out and I had left my camera card at work so I wasn’t able to get after pictures before Jeff put back all of our appliance clutter, but I did take a few seconds to record this video.

First, the before picture again:

and now, after video (sorry its a little dark)!

What do you all think?

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  1. Didn’t watch the video (I’m at work), but the pic looks great!!

  2. Love it! And dinner at the castle sounded amazing. Been thnking about you. Everything ok?

  3. This looks great – we are in the process of starting a kitchen remodel and this looks a little like what we are going for. Did you paint existing cabinets or buy new ones?

  4. Hi Dawn, just updated Becoming-mom on the CMV situation.. so excited about your girl BTW!

    Hi Amy, I painted the existing ones. That was quite a (mis)adventure. You can search the archives for more info or click on the kitchen category.. it’s a long and arduous project, but worth it in the end!

  5. What color are your kitchen walls?

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