White Desk?

Wanderluster, who has an office of her own to be fiercely envied, suggested a white desk for the room. I’ve been wanting a white desk for quite sometime now, so her suggestion was all the impetus I needed to try it out in photoshop:

White desk = LOVE!

But I’m not really keen on painting the one we have as I figure I’ve done my fair share of painting furniture white in this lifetime. Plus the desk we have was only $150, and we could get a white one for about the same price, like one from target:

Target South Hampton Desk – $129

The price is obviously right, it gets great reviews, but I’m not loving the spindly legs so much.. I guess for some reason I see this room as being a tiny bit more modern.. I was picturing something more like the ever popular parson’s desk from West Elm:

Parson’s Desk from West Elm – $299

But I’m not sure its a good idea to not have the keyboard drawer for a desk that will be primarily used as a computer desk. Plus, $300 is a bit more than I want to spend given that becoming-baby needs a lot of stuff yet!

I searched all my favorite cheap furniture haunts like Walmart.com, overstock.com, JC penny, but didn’t see anything there either.

Any ideas?


Look who’s office I was trying to recreate and didn’t even know it!

Kimberly’s office from Four Beds Two Baths.

Except that she has room to like, walk around and stuff!

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  1. We have the Target desk in black and really like it. It was a breeze to assemble and looks really nice. They keyboard drawer is very sturdy too. I can see why it isn’t modern enough for you though…I love the look of the Parson’s desk too!

  2. Good to have you back …and…….
    Congratulations on Becoming Baby!!!
    Looking at your desk area did you try CB2? Might have some possibilities. good luck.

  3. Overstock has a desk just like this for $159.

    Gets good reviews.

  4. http://www.overstock.com/Home-.....79-000-000

  5. This ‘could’ work, and the pull out section could hide some wires. I hate wires!!


  6. Mandy, well its good to know you like that desk in case we end up getting that one, thanks!

    Thanks Heartartz, good to be back :) I’ll definitely check out CB2, hadn’t thought of them.

    Mrs. Limestone and Katie, you know its so funny, I looked at that desk a bunch of times on overstock and ruled it out because it had no computer drawer… I guess I never realized how close of a knock of it is of the parson’s desk! A great alternative if I decide we can live without the keyboard drawer..

    Katie, I’m all for hiding wires. In fact it’s my personal mission as of late ;) The ikea one is a bit “cubicalish” though.. the Ikea Liatorp though could be a good option if w e could fit it over our radiator.. It would at least contain the CPU:

  7. Love the white desk!

  8. I’d hit Ikea. Pick out the top you want and then the legs you want…

  9. I thought the overstock one had a keyboard drawer?

  10. Jean, we’re definitely hitting Ikea to get the filing cabinets, so we’re bound to check out the desks too (though none seem to have keyboard drawers, do you add those separate??) and probably walk out of there having spent $700 instead of $70!

    Mrs.limestone, I wish it did, but according to the listing:
    “This student desk features two drawers that can hold art and writing supplies” :(

  11. I really do like the white desk in there! It looks really great. Personally, I’m cheap, and would paint it, since you will get a lot closer to what you want that way… more time output, though. I wonder how much it would cost to hire someone to paint it for you?

  12. Hmmm… this has been my conundrum now for quite some time. I have a desk from a flea market in my office that I’ve been wanting to paint for two years. Maybe I’ll just take the plunge already, I know my husband is sick of talking about it!

  13. Jennifer, you’re probably right… but.. I know from experience that I won’t get that shiny new finish that’s easy to clean that way (at least I never have on our previous painting projects!!) And, we just have so much else to do. But it may come to that, we’ll see!

    Liz, do it! There’s something much more rewarding about painting a flea market find and bringing it back from the dead as opposed to painting a desk from target that’s a few years old. Ha, see how I’m so quick to assign tasks to other people? I’ll just use my pregnancy as an excuse to be lazy ;)

  14. Hey

    Ikea is the way to go. I got my white desk for $39 at Ikea (that’s Australian dollars so its probably cheaper in the USA)
    See my desk here:

    Here it is at the ikea USA site
    its only $34.99 in the USA. Such a bargain. Leaves more money for setting up the nursery for your baby boy.

  15. […] I put together one of the 2 Ikea Mickael drawer units on casters that we bought.. remember project office? […]

  16. Hey A,

    Just noticed that the West Elm parson’s desk went on sale for about $50 off so I thought I’d drop you a line. We’ve had one in our office (which we received as a wedding present actually) for almost a year and we love love love it. And as for hiding wires, I’m a maniac about that too so we tucked a little leather cube ottoman under one side of the desk to obscure all the ugly wires (and add some file storage). And it leaves more than enough space for a nice leather parson’s chair (from Target for $99) to tuck under the other side of the desk as well. Hope that helps!



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