It’s Better than Moving Furniture

Most of you know enough about us by now to know we are not patient people, Jeff even more so than I.  So much so that he frequently complains that this whole pregnancy thing is taking so damn long, can we please just have our baby already?

He’s convinced that we have “forever” to get the nursery together because he has a hard time thinking 4 minutes ahead, let alone 4 months.

I think I finally convinced him that time is of the essence because I am getting so big so fast that if we don’t start this process soon he’s going to end up doing it all by himself!  I’m already having a hard time bending over and picking things up,  so the idea of having to help him move around the furniture and  getting up on a ladder to cut in the paint is seeming less realistic with every day that goes by.

It was with this in mind that I started searching for a 3d design program that would let me plot out the room destined to become the baby’s nursery (yes, we changed our minds, the office is just way too small):

(bye bye guest room, it was so nice having you around for the last 6 months *tear*.)  

A program like that will help me figure out what we actually have room for furniture wise (as it turns out, not much) and also as the title of the post suggests – it beats having to move it around the room to find the best configuration.

But what program to use?

I remember finding Ikea’s Kitchen Planner software useful, so I downloaded the version for the rest of the house. While it’s super easy to use, it doesn’t let you add anything but Ikea stuff to your room, and even then it only has a subset of all the products so I had to give up on that pretty fast.

Then I thought I’d try google’s free SketchUp. Wow, waaaaaay to steep of a learning curve for me, becoming-baby would surely arrive before I figured out how to use it!

The third program was the charm with a little (free) program called “Sweet Home 3D” and let me tell you I wish I knew where it’s been all my life. Or at least since we became homeowners. Its the perfect mix of free, easy to use and totally flexible.

Within minutes, armed with the measurements of our room I had built a 3d Model of our room (complete with windows, doors, curtains, and radiator so I know which spaces to avoid while placing furniture.)

The “nursery” plan. The bottom pane shows the room in 3d. You can drag around to see a 360 view.

The top pane shows you your room from above.  By moving around that icon thingy that looks like a bug to different parts of the room and rotating it, you can change your “point of view,” which then changes the perspective of the bottom pane.  The dialog box shows how you can change the dimensions and color of different objects in the room, in this case the chair.

You can also zoom in on elements and parts of the room.

I’m so glad I did this, because this plan that you see here is NOT the way I had first placed everything.  After playing around with this program I realized that my first instinct was not going to work at all so I shuffled everything around and voila, I now know how and what we can fit in our tiny little room.

Sadly, there is no longer a place for the Vanity and Dresser I rehabbed. Good thing they were so cheap… I’m torn if we should just get rid of them or save them for if we ever move to a bigger house.

And the more pressing question is where in the world will I keep all my makeup now??

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  1. HEY! I’m so glad you’re back to blogging!

  2. Aw, thanks Jean, me too. I’ve missed you all!!! Can’t wait to catch up and see what you’ve been up to..

  3. Sounds like a great little tool…I’ll have to try it myself.

    Glad to see you back here. I know you have more pressing matters at hand but I always love to see your home ideas.

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  5. I just found you through a Google Reader rec. and had to subscribe after seeing this post, I’ve been needing a little program like this to plan out the “big” rooms (kitchen/bath).

    Nice find, and nice work!

  6. I’d love to come paint the becoming nursery!
    Take a look at the “monkey see, monkey do” nursery!
    Hope you are feeling better. Missed you blogging.

  7. Hi Patricia, that would be wonderful!!!

  8. Where, oh where, did you get that white vanity?!

  9. Hi Paige, I bought it as part of a set (dresser and vanity) on craigslist. Then I added the appliques, see here:

    Do you live in the NY area because it’s for sale, I need to get rid of it to make way for the baby :(

  10. […] yes, that is what is left of the craigslist vanity! The mirror part has been relegated to the basement […]

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