I Love New York…. STAR Rebate Program

First off, I apologize from my hiatus. I haven’t really had much to blog about, and on top of that I’ve been sick. Pregnant + Sick – Medications = MISERY! I can’t quite recall an instance where I had a head cold and didn’t avail myself of copious amounts of decongestants. Thanks to Becoming-baby I am not allowed to take the wonder drugs and I feel like my head is about to explode. OK, enough about me, back to the Star Rebate Program..

A couple of months ago I got something in the mail telling me to go online and fill out a form for a possible property tax rebate called the New York State Middle Class Star Rebate Program. I didn’t even remember or think about it again until yesterday when I got one of those little self-mailer check thingies in the mail and much to my surprise there was a check for $513!!

I have never in my life been happier to be considered “middle class.” The money came at a pretty good time too, considering the Oxford Insurance Fiasco and all of the gazillion things we need to buy for baby.

Speaking of which, I was poking around Pottery Barn Kids today and found something quite extraordinary, two of the prettiest looking cottage style chandeliers for fabulous prices, seriously, I’ve seen these same style chandeliers going for three times the price elsewhere:

cottage style chandelier

Pottery Barn Kids Ella Chandelier, $119

And my favorite:

cottage style chandelier

Pottery Barn Kids Flea Market Chandelier, $129.

Of COURSE I want one of these for the room that is destined to become our nursery, but all of our upstairs rooms have one switch and one ceiling mount which is already being used for a fan. Unfortunately the fans are essential given our lack of central a/c. What to do?

I may just have to buy that flea market one and stick it in our hallway.. just so I have it and can one day use it somewhere else!

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  1. Sorry you’ve been sick…I’m pg too and it stinks to not be able to take the usual medication. :(

    I love those chandeliers…if we have girls (we’re having twins!) I want to put something like that in the nursery for sure! :) And congrats on the rebate…those things always come at the best times!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! Lucky about the money… that is great timing!

    Those chandeliers are awesome. They would look GREAT in a hallway!

  3. Mandy, wow, somehow I missed that you are having twins! Congrats x 2!

    Thanks Jennifer, I think they would, one can never have too many chandeliers :)

  4. Have you considered using window fans instead? You can buy really effective models very reasonably now – double fans, with thermostats, remote controls, auto-turn-on, etc. We use them in all our rooms in the summer and they’re so good, it feels like we’ve got air conditioning. Then you could put in any beautiful chandelier you want. Just a thought!

  5. Laura, I like the way you’re thinking! I suppose we could.. though I don’t know if we’ll need to put an A/C unit in for the baby (do baby’s need a/c? or is it bad for them?). Definitely an option to consider, thanks!

  6. I love surprise money! PS I’m with you on your frustration over Oxford. The exact same thing happend to me recently to the tune of $6000. They really do make it so difficult in the hopes that most people will just give up. UGH!

  7. Love the flea market one!

    Id say you’d want to add either a window a/c or a window fan anyway. That way you can put it in when its warm and then not have to look at it the rest of the year.

  8. It’s lovely, really? Wow, what crooks!! Did you eventually get your money back?

    Mrs. Limestone, when you put it that way it makes So much sense! Why should we have to look at an ugly fan the whole year that we are only using about 1/4 of it? I’m sold! Yes, I’ll definitely be getting the flea market one. Its so dreamy..

  9. No ac is a foreign concept to me as I live in Texas and we still have fans in almost every room. Maybe you could hang the chandeliers in a corner…it could start out as reading nook 9over a chair) and then transition into
    bedside lighting.

  10. Yuck. I’m sick too. Fortunately I have been able to partake of medication.

    Since you can’t right now, have you considered investing in a neti pot? They’re used to flush the nasal and sinus cavities when you’re feel congested. Not as long-term a solution as drugs, but I’ve heard they do offer considerable relief. Check out this link.


    LOVE the chandeliers, btw. Can’t wait to see what you do with a nursery (congrats on the baby). You’re so incredibly talented.

  11. Glad to hear it you’ll be getting a chandelier. I think you’d be really happy with window fans. I live in upstate NY too and we’re comfortable all summer with no A/C. Nights are particularly nice and get very cool. Another plus – the whirring sound of the fans might help your baby sleep.

  12. missed your posts, and glad you are back at the blog. one worries especially when blogger is pregnant and not feeling well. hope you are better.
    there are some really lovely ceiling fans too and perhaps you could find some pendant lamps with this look or a free standing lamp which is good for reading to the baby in a rocker.
    joined the blogosphere, stop by for a visit.
    pve design

  13. Hope you feel better soon. I remember that well.. not being able to take the good old dayquil and all that jazz… but it’s worth it. :)

  14. Congratulations on the baby! Having an August baby myself, I can honestly say that they are pretty terrific!

    These chandeliers are super-cute. You might also want to check out the Lighting Universe web site. They have a number of cute crystal chandeliers (mixed in with some very ugly ones) that aren’t too expensive, and many of them have matching sconces, which is nice for a baby’s room – you can control the brightness of the room (important when trying to get your little one to sleep.) They offer free shipping and they are having a sale right now – 5% off for first time customers:


    If you are looking for a bargain, you might also check overstock.com – this type of chandelier surfaces there from time to time. :-)

  15. Those chandeliers are soooo sweet and will look really nice in a baby’s room. The nice thing about them is that they will also look awesome in a little girls room too.

    Regarding being sick and prego, have you tried lemons? When I was pregnant, I used to squeeze lemon juice into a glass of water and it really helped to take the nausea away. Good luck.

  16. @ PVE – Welcome to the blogosphere!! :)
    @ Stephanie, thanks and congrats to you too! I’ll definitely checkout lighting universe before I make the purchase.
    @Jill, I haven’t tried lemons, I’ll give anything a shot though so thanks for the suggestion!

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