Santa Was Very Good to Me..

Aparantly the 56 thousand hints I dropped to Jeff about the Flip video recorder did NOT fall on deaf ears, there was one under the tree for me Christmas day! Now I get to bore dazzle you with live video of every minute detail of our lives..

Just kidding. Sort of.

Really I wanted the Flip for baby of course! At approximately the size of an ipod (smaller if you get the 30 minute version) the flip is so light and small that I can carry it around in my purse (or diaper bag!) so I can capture spontaneous moments wherever we are. The true selling point of the flip though is that it’s completely digital, so no tapes or little CDs or anything to deal with. Just plug it in to the USB port on your computer and transfer! I love it.

And now for the true test, can I actually post these videos?

Lets give it a shot…

The following video is of our Christmas Dinner Table setting – with special guest appearance by my sister Roxanne, all the way from LA via Israel. Check out the silver chargers I got during my first visit to the Christmas Tree shop – they were only 1.29 each! Every thing else you see on the table was found at the Grocery store including the Christmas ornaments:

Video thumbnail. Click to play
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This next video is the obligatory pet video of Princess Sammy being let in from her walk:

Now if we could only do something about my annoying voice…Merry Christmas!

16 Responses to “Santa Was Very Good to Me..”

  1. hmmm…i can’t get them to play…

  2. I can’t get them to play either.

    How do you find the quality of the video when played on a television? I love how its so small and portable but my experience with tiny cameras has been the quality is bad and the shaking makes it hard to watch. Is the Flip any better at this?

  3. I can play the Xmas table one but not Sammy…

  4. Crap, I wonder why? Actually, I can’t play the sammy one either.. but I can play the christmas one. Mrs. Limestone and Iloveupstate, does it give you an error message when you play the christmas table one?

    Mrs. Limestone, I haven’t actually played it back on TV, will have to do that tonight :)

  5. i take that back…i can play the dinner table one…but NOT the Sammy one.

  6. Ok, cool, so its sorta working… can play one video in a post and not two? Weird!

  7. To see the Sammy one it wants me to download something but the table one played fine.

  8. Hey… we have one, too, but it takes lightyears to save, format and upload… are you having the same trouble?

    I am using a MacBook, fyi (in case that’s half the headache, although I doubt it… it did make loading the software tricky…)

  9. Delurking to say that I’m having the same problem as the others. The Xmas table video will play (Your plates are gorgeous!), but when I click on the video of Sammy, a box labeled “download file” pops up, asking me, “Do you want to save this file or find a program online to open it?”

    Hope you can post pics of the stair runner soon. I’d really like to see how it turned out.

  10. So cool…I want one! Your table looked beautiful!! All the best in 2008!
    ps can’t watch Sammy without downloading it first.

  11. I love you beautiful place settings. Gorgeous and all the before and after pictures are just amazing. You have really made your home so beautiful.

  12. How fun! Glad you got your wish for Christmas, and of course you have to have LOTS of videos of the baby! :) Your Christmas table was lovely.

  13. Thanks for inspiring me to join the blogging world.
    Became a blogger today!

  14. Love your Christmas Table Setting! Really beautiful!

  15. happy holidays and the best new year ever! congrats on the baby, the lovely christmas setting and the presents!!!

  16. don’t know how I clicked my way to you the other day, went and bought a flip with my Christmas money.I love it thanks for the idea.

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