My Town is Safer than Your town…

..Unless of course you live in Mission Viejo, because Clarkstown (which Nanuet is a part of) was rated the #2 safest community based on a National analysis of the FBI’s crime statistics!

Following hot on the heels of being voted #24 best small town to live in, this is turning out to be QUITE the banner year for our little town of Nanuet, NY. All of this national attention is very unusual, most people have never even heard of Rockland County, let alone Nanuet… But we’ll take it! It can’t help but be good for local real estate values.

In other news..

We are finally having our stair runners installed today! Princess Sammy will no longer fall down the stairs every day. She’s soooo excited, can’t you tell?

Watchyou lookin at?

Finding a stair runner was actually a LOT harder than we thought it would be. The first couple of places we went to had like 2 ugly runners in stock and to get a bound remnant in the correct dimensions they quoted us close to $1000. Huh? For a stair runner?

Finally, we found this place County Carpet & Mattress in Congers NY that had tons of stair runners at very reasonable prices. And the best part was that the installation is super cheap, like $125 or something? Totally worth paying the experts to do, particularly because measuring stairs correctly is pretty difficult.

In fact, when the super nice and patient sales man Bob came over to measure our stairs for us (as a free courtesy!) it was definitely different than what we had measured, so all in all we are very glad to have found them.

Of course picking out the pattern was no piece of cake either..

All of the patterns that were gold or green tinged that I was initially drawn to for our golden colored living room ended up looking way too drab on the yellowy oak wood stairs. Exhibit A:

I loved how the patter looked faded, like an antique rig, but overall there was just too much yellow/green going on with the stairs. After a few other false starts, we finally settled on this one, which I would not have picked out based on its own merits, but it really popped the best off of the wood:

We have a winner!

Hmmm, now looking at these pictures I’m not so sure we made the right choice.. but you know what? I almost don’t even care what it looks like, so long as our poor little Sammy won’t be falling down the stairs anymore. At 13, she’s too much too old for that kind of thing…we’re afraid she’s going to bust a hip or something.

Tune in tomorrow for pics of the new and improved not-naked staircase!

11 Responses to “My Town is Safer than Your town…”

  1. Poor Sammy!! Congrats on the stair runner and yes… your town IS safer than my town. Much.

  2. You know how I love that dog!!

    I need a stair runner too, can I ask what the cost was?

  3. Oh that is nice to know! My grandmother grew up during part of her childhood in Nanuet, most of my cousins are from next door to you (Pearl River) which is where I spent most of MY summers growing up. Yay Rockland County!

  4. She’s the bestest, total attitude. What’s not to love?? I would tell you the price but I can’t remember! I’ll look it up when I get home and post back. It was under $500 installed though, that much I know (maybe even closer to $400.)

  5. Ya know, I like the first rug you originally chose. I would think it would be beautiful with the walls painted a warm chestnut. I love that antique washed out look.

    The second one is nice too and you won’t have to paint the walls.



  6. I like the one you passed on but I love the one you chose. I think it accents your and Jeff’s personalities quite well. Very chic! :)

  7. Merry Christmas Ariana!

  8. I have not only heard of Rockland County… I grew up there! You are going to have very lucky children to be able to grow up there. Since I have moved it hasn’t changed much and all of my old neighbors still live there 10 years later. It is one of the best places to grow up.

  9. Only the best for a puppy! It looks very nice.

  10. I have 2 female Shih Tzu, Lola & Bella. Lola looks a lot like your pup. They LOVE to get up on the couch to look out the window & nap too. Love those dogs!

  11. Whoa, Juicefairy, that’s such a coincidence! We are enjoying rockland, though now that all of our friends live in Brooklyn its a little isolated for us. But with baby coming its great to have our family nearby.

    @ Erica, I never would have thought I’d be a Shih Tzu person, but she has me wrapped around her little paw :)

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