New Kitchen Fan!

I’m pretty sure I’ve told you before how much I HATE fans.  Well, I do, and none more than our kitchen fan.  It was white, plastic and if you turned it on it would wobble violently creating the sense that it was about to detatch itself from the ceiling and decapitate you at any given moment helicopter blade style:

old kitchen fan

Old Fan

So you can imagine how excited I was when we decided to spring for the Minka Concept II modern style fan I’d been thinking about for a while. Its a little small for the space, but it does the trick and looks a whole lot sleeker:

new concept II fan

New Kitchen Fan 

The old fan didn’t go out without a fight though.. while installing the new one, we had a few hours there where after we put up the new one, the electricity in the entire upstairs wouldn’t come back on!  Whoever installed it just tapped into the circuit that like 90% of the house is on.. not too bright. Plus the wires were short so when Jeff put it back up to mount it, they would separate and not make the correct connection.

It was a little sticky there for a while, but the result was well worth it I think!

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  1. The fan looks gorgeous and compliments your stainless appliances perfectly.
    I also hate fans (from the esthetic point of view) but in a house without air conditioning they are needed. I did have my honey replace the dining room fan with a discarded chandelier we found for free and I love it. Of course, I might feel differently when the hot days of summer come around.

  2. Lori, I couldn’t agree more.. we also have no central AC so the fans are a necessary evil. I had my husband put up a chandelier in our dining room as well, we don’t have a fan in there either. We actually have a downstairs window unit that is so huge it really keeps the whole downstairs cool! It helps that our house is pretty small :)

  3. Glad to see you back! Fan looks great!

  4. Simple, sleek, gorgeous… AND it matches the fridge! No small feat!

  5. Love it!!!!

    Hey did you notice the links on You and I both got linked. Yay!

  6. oooh, so pretty! we’re in the market for a new fan for our kitchen as well (as opposed to, oh, i dunno … the nasty 50s light fixture that current resides there). since the majority of our appliances are stainless steel, something like this would look so great. i hadn’t even considered going the stainless route. you have inspired me!

  7. Jean, I did notice they linked to my fireplace post, which is your link?? Pretty cool!

    Casacaudill, I should have also mentioned in my post it was only $208, which for a modern style ceiling fan is pretty decent. I’ve seen them as much as $600!

  8. Is there a light in there as well?

  9. Mrs. Limestone, it comes with a light and also the stainless steel cap like we have on there. We have plenty of light already in the kitchen and I wanted the extra stainless steel because it matches the appliances!

  10. I’ve had the same ceiling fan (your new one) in my bedroom for a couple of years now and LOVE it. On top of its good looks and price, it’s quiet and does the job nicely.

  11. I love it! It’s so sleek & modern yet with a retro flair. It reminds me of an old airplane propeller! Great choice!

  12. oh my, no wonder we get along, we have the same fans and love them, they hug the ceiling and are quiet and provide a nice air flow!

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