Undercabinet Molding, Finally!

Yes, it’s been quite a while since we installed the floating floor in our Kitchen. And all this time there was a dirty little secret lurking beneath the floor cabinets.. Check it out:

cabinet toe kicks

under cabinet molding


Last week, Jeff was in a particularly industrious mood (I think I was lounging on the couch) and after a few hours  of sawing and banging I came into the kitchen to see this:

With crown molding under cabinets – much better dontcha think? 

I have no idea if you are supposed to use crown molding to finish floor cabinets, but it seems to work! The only problem we had was under the dishwasher.. you can see it in the left of the above pic. When we put the crown there the dishwasher couldn’t open fully. Any ideas as to what can be done about that?

Anyway, this latest finishing touch means we only have two items left to do in the kitchen, one small (beadboard under bar) and one big (granite and tile backsplash).  One of these days….

Have a great weekend y’all!

4 Responses to “Undercabinet Molding, Finally!”

  1. Ok ok ok…. he’s now officially shamed me into recaulking the kitchen sink. A project… ohhhhh 6 months in the waiting…

  2. Your home is precious, remodeling is hard work, but it is so much fun to see it all come together.

  3. Brilliant solution. I have the exact same issue in my kitchen!!!!! I’m going to try it : )

  4. The solution is that your dishwasher should already come with it’s own kickplate. You run the moulding up to the (edge of the cabinet) dishwasher, then continue it on the other side. It looks beautiful. I’m glad to know my husband isn’t the only one burnt out with his projects.

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