New Dining Room Rug – Almost

During our spontaneous accidental Home Goods shopping trip on the way back from picking up Faux Fireplace II we found the perfect dining room rug!  Or so we thought.

Not having actually ever measured our dining room floor or table for a rug, we didn’t really know what size to get, but the 5-9 ish sized ones looked so darn BIG hanging up like they have them that it never even occured to use that we would need an 8 x 10 ish rug. Until we got the one we bought home that is!

Here is our too small but otherwise perfect dining room rug:

too small dining room rug

Can you believe how well the color matches the wall paint?  Oh, and it was $150. And made of real wool!

Actually, it wasn’t until I actually sat down on the couch and saw this view that I had a sneaking suspicion that there was some rule about how big the rug has to be under the table and that we had violated it:

Yep, it definitely looks too small.

But even then, I still wasn’t sure until we did a little googling and according to

“When selecting a rug for your dining room, there are several important considerations, including size and yarn type. You need to be sure to leave enough room so that when you push your chair away from the table, it stays on your area rug. This requires a minimum of 30 inches. More than 30 inches is certainly acceptable.”

And here’s a little illustrative diagram:

Doh! Ours is barely wider than the chairs when they are pushed in, let alone pushed out!

The solution seems simple, get the next rug size up ( 8 x 10 I think) but when I measured that out on our dining room floor it seemed like it would take up almost the entire floor! I definitely don’t want my dining room to look like it has “wall to wall” carpeting.

I guess I’ll try the next size up and see how it looks. Assuming they even have the same rug in that size… keep your fingers crossed for us that they do!

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  1. I had the same problem and couldn’t find the rug I liked in a large size…so I fauxed it. I bought two of the smaller ones and used carpet tape to bridge them.

  2. Really? Wow, I never would have thought of that! Do you have a pic? I’m off to your site to check…

  3. Not sure…there must be pics of the dining room on there somewhere…

  4. That rug matches so well! I can’t wait to see it in a larger size… either the 8x10ish one or a splice as suggested above.

  5. here’s a pic from my flickr page…but the rug is dark so it’s kinda hard to tell…

  6. Thanks Jean, it IS hard to tell.. probably works better with some patterns than others I would imagine. Im still holding out hope there’s a bigger one at home goods, but if not, we may be doing a splice!

  7. Also…keep in mind there are dozens of Home Goods within driving distance. I think there’s 6 on Long Island alone…

    The Home Goods in Kingston is amazing – maybe call them with the sku number from the pricetag?

  8. Good point. The one we got ours at is like an hour away, so I’m going to check the one in Paramus NJ (closest to me) first, then that one and then..from there maybe LI ;)

  9. When you call, remember to ask about the duvet cover too.

  10. You definitely need a bigger rug but I absolutely love the pattern. What a find!

    Can you post the wall color you used in this room again? I know you have mentioned it before but I can’t find it in earlier posts.

  11. Lsaspacey, good idea!

    MrsLimestone, it’s BM “arctic gray” but as you can see its quite blue! Also, we have a ridiculous amount of natural light in that room so its a lot lighter than it might look in a different room.

  12. Ooh, nice rug! It definitely needs to be bigger though. Ours is 8×10 in the dining room… it does take up most of the floor, but it doesn’t look like we have wall to wall carpeting. (Here’s a picture.)

  13. Love your dining room. Too bad about the rug. We are currently re-doing ours and I purchased an 8×10 on ebay. After it arrived I was worried because it looked sooo big, but after unrolling it and seeing how great it looked I fiqured I had made the right choice. I didn’t know rug etiquite but in looking at your picture I can clearly see now the 8×10 is the only way too go even if it does take up alot of your floor space. Thanks for posting your picture. Good luck with the larger rug hunt.P.S. Love your chandellier!!!!

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