Master Bedroom Redux

I was telling you in my last post how we had a couple first time visitors come over to the house over the holiday weekend. Maybe it was the fact that it was two house tours in one day, but it just really started to bother me that I feel I have to apologize for our master bedroom.

The master suffers from a complete lack of identity, and the way we configured the furniture left the wall opposite the entryway totally blank. (We had originally put the bed where it was because of a lack of electrical outlets.) Here is an old pic I found of the “Big Blank Wall” when I was auditioning the huge antique frame as a potential decoration there (oh my, this is a really terrible picture! Please excuse the rumpled bedspread)

The Big Blank Wall opposite the entryway. (The head of the bed is just to the right.)

Oh, and in case you are wondering we ARE aware that the little black TV is a huge eyesore.. more on that later! And here is picture looking straight into the bedroom from the hall entryway:

You can kind of see what’s going on here, the ginormous dresser is off to the left and the foot of the bed is facing the windows.

Close up of Ginormous Dresser which is on the opposite wall as the Big Blank Wall.

Ok, now that we have our bearings (sort of) you can see that naturally, the perfect solution to the Big Blank Wall dilemma is a faux fireplace!

Inspired by the back to back disappointing house tours, I logged onto my old friend craigslist and was shocked to find a woman about an hour away in NJ selling one almost IDENTICAL to the one in our living room for – get this- $50!

That my friends, is the deal of the century.

The only problem was when we got the thing into the bedroom it looked ridiculous where we had planned to put it.. so we reconfigured the whole room the way it SHOULD have been the entire time, with the head of the bead against the Big Blank Wall. The new fireplace (Faux Fireplace II) is now where the ginormous dresser once was and the dresser is on the wall where the head of the bed used to be..

Confused yet? Me too. Lets just look at the pictures:

looking into room

The new view looking straight into the bedroom from the hall. (That’s the foot of the bed across from the fireplace.)

view of faux fireplace

View of Faux Fireplace II looking down the bed..

faux fireplace close up

Faux Fireplace II Close Up.

It’s hard for me to even convey the difference the new layout makes in this room.. I feel like we’ve gained twice the square footage! Its a huge improvement, and now with the head of the bed against the formally Big Blank Wall, when we put up the oil painting of me above it, it won’t be blank at all!

That’s not to say we don’t have a long way to go in this room.. we do. The first most urgent order of business is to buy a flat screen TV to go above the ginormous dresser (where the painting is now) so we can get rid of the little black monstrosity of a TV we currently have. You may think this isn’t an urgent need, but the little black monstrosity has taken to emitting a high pitched screech in the middle of the night. Yes, our TV screams at us! We must also replace the ginormous dresser with something a little less ginormous and less modern. So that’s my next conquest.

Ikea dresser must go.

Painting will go above headboard, flat screen TV will go where painting is and Dresser will get replaced with something smaller and more style appropriate.

Whew! If you got through this post, you have more stamina that I do. But wait, there’s more!

Here’s a picture of the duvet cover I told you about yesterday, the one I got for a friend but now want to keep.. wouldn’t this look stunning in here?

flocked duvet cover

$40 Duvet Cover from HomeGoods..

The pattern could even be the perfect solution to tying in the too-modern-dark-dresser into the rest of the room until I can replace it.. but I really want to give the duvet cover to my friend Amy. I do have to take a trip back to HomeGoods to exchange the dining room rug we bought, so maybe I’ll be able to find another one? More on the rug tomorrow!

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  1. Pretty. Pretty. Pretty! I love the changes. Love the duvet! And am envious of that HEADBOARD!

  2. I love the pattern on the sheets. That will look fab. Can’t you buy another one for yourself?

    Maybe a silly question but how do you both watch tv if the tv is to the right of the bed?

  3. Thanks Kimberly!

    Good question Mrs. Limestone.. its actually far enough away that it’s not as awkward as it might seem.. plus we’re thinking of getting one of those adjustable arm/wall mounts so we can angle it if necessary. If need be, we can always put it on top of the fireplace, but that seems kind of far away!

  4. Oh my gosh! My parents have an IDENTICAL faux fireplace in their house in Boston. A local florist used to use it for their Christmas display (they needed a place to hang stockings, I guess) and when they decided they didn’t want it anymore, my mom asked if she could have it. I had no idea it had a twin. :-)

  5. Stephanie, what a coincidence!!

    Until I saw this one, I thought the living room one was an actual antique mantel (that’s what the antique store told me, doh!) that someone had built a box for.. now it appears that they were mass produced by someone at some point? I mean you don’t see them that often for sale on ebay or craigslist. The two I bought are the ONLY ones I’ve ever spotted on those sites..what a mystery!

  6. Wow, you got a steal on that faux fireplace. I love Craigs List. . . just never know what one may find.



  7. You have a full/queen? I’d make the Fiance sleep on the floor. We almost kicked each other to death till we got a king.

    Fireplace looks great!! Welcome back!!

  8. Homegoods rules~ I love that place! Before I finished reading your post I was thinking, “oooh, that would look so great with that big dresser she wants to replace” He-he-he/// ; ) You should totally keep it and scour another Homegoods for a duplicate for your friend or something equally as fabulous. You can always find great things there. The black damask totally ties it all together.
    PS the painting of you is gorgeous!

  9. Thanks Sher, I’m quite pleased with myself too :)

    Iloveupstate, thanks for the welcome back! LOL about the full size bed.. its totally ridiculous and NEEDS to be replaced. Not to mention that Sammy sleeps with us and takes up more room than either of us. I know for sure that a king wouldn’t fit in our bedroom, but hopefully a queen will!

    It’s Lovely, I think you are right.. will have to find Amy another xmas present! That painting was Jeff’s first xmas gift to me.. we’d been dating only about 3 months and frankly, I wasn’t even sure yet that he liked me all that much.. and then he gives me that beautiful oil painting/portrait of me. It was the best gift i’ve ever gotten!

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  11. If you can’t make up your mind whether to gift the duvet or keep it… you could just send it to one of your faithful lurkers :) Namely me. I adore the faux fireplace by the way.

  12. you MUST keep the duvet as it makes the dresser work … and we all know how expensive it can be to find the exact right dresser (that’s why i’m using a buffet).

    i’m jealous of the fireplace and i will openly admit that i am going to push for one in our bedroom this winter. it’s the perfect way to warm this joint up and be gorgeous at the same time.

  13. Eb, now that you’ve posted you’re not a lurker anymore! ;) Great blog, hopefully I’ll pick up a few tips from you.. love the name too.

    Casacuadill, ok, if you say so! (That took a lot of convincing didn’t it?) Yay, please do get a faux fireplace! Seriously, I am starting to think that other house bloggers think my faux fireplace fixation is strange. But if you can’t have the real thing, it’s so nice to have a mantel.. there’s just so much more that you can do with it than a blank wall. Plus, I love the way it looks with lots of candles of varying heights in there..

  14. Love the faux fireplace idea. I hadn’t ever thought of that…

  15. The faux fireplace is a fantastic idea. Also, the wall color of your bedroom is lovely.

  16. Your room is beautifully serene. I’m envious! I agree with kathleen about the pain color… what color is it, if you don’t mind me asking?

  17. (I mean paint color, not pain color!) woops

  18. Thanks guys, I love the color too. It’s Benjamin Moore silver sage!

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  20. Everything is so pretty. I especially love the duvet cover! What kind of dog is Princess Sammy? She is too cute!

  21. I love the duvet cover! Great deal!

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