Black Friday Booty


Mist on Thanksgiving Morning. 

I woke up early thanksgiving morning to spooky weather more suited to Halloween than Thanksgiving.. can you believe that fog?

Thanksgiving day my good friend Amy arrived by train from NYC. She hadn’t seen our house yet, nor had my aunt and uncle on my dad’s side so we had a few house tours that day.. (House tours are always good for a motivational cleaning!)

Its kind of sad to me when people see our house for the first time when all of the plantings are pretty much dead for the winter. Luckily, we have some beautiful fall trees that provide SOME scenery at this time of year. None more stunning than the fiery Japanese Maple in our front Yard:

Japanese Maple in Front Yard

And Now, for the Important News -Shopping..

Amy spent the night and we, being good citizens of this country, had no choice but to take part in the Black Friday Madness. Not being masochists, we stayed far away from anything remotely resembling a mall or a big box store and only shopped at places that had absolutely no Black Friday incentives! Places like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and my new favorite haunt, the beautiful new GoodWill that opened up around the corner from my house.

As usual, GoodWill lived up to my expectations and I scored this beautiful little set of desert drink glasses (shot glasses?) of indeterminate age and provenance:

antique shot glasses

My Black Friday Booty from GoodWill

Mostly Amy and I were looking for a brocade-home inspired duvet cover for her, but came up empty. That is until I found the exact thing we’d been looking for on my own last night at HomeGoods. I bought it for her for Christmas, but predictably, I love it so much I want to keep it for myself. Yes, a more generous and loyal friend you could not find..

More on the HomeGoods  adventure tomorrow. In fact there is a lot of progress to report overall including another faux fireplace and a complete master bedroom Redux!

How’s that for a cliffhanger?

Hope you all had a joyful Thanksgiving.


5 Responses to “Black Friday Booty”

  1. hi..

    have u looked at…think you would find several things there based on your notes above?

  2. Yes, I LOVE brocade home. We were trying to find the bargain basement version though ;)

  3. I love those glasses! GREAT find! I can’t wait to read more about the rest of your HomeGoods finds! :)

  4. they have alot of bedding on sale now fyi…


  5. Thanks Penny :)

    Riana, I didn’t realize there was a sale.. I checked it out and of course the duvet I love is NOT on sale. Story of my life!

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