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This morning I get a phone call from Patricia of PVE Designs asking me if I had received her illustration. I hadn’t, but when i went to check my email, there was this lovely gift waiting for me:

pve designs illustration

Illustration by Patricia van Essche of PVE Design

Isn’t that the most charming illustration you’ve ever seen? I am absolutely in love with it. We may have to make Christmas cards of it! The best part is that she’s mailing me the original so we can hang it in the house somewhere as a belated birthday gift. I wonder how she knew I was secretly jealous of Iloveupstate’s house illustration?

So it turns out that the ubertalented Ms. Patricia, who is practically my neighbor over there in Westchester has had a fascinating career in the fashion and design industry. Lucky for us bloggers she has since turned her attention to freelance illustration, such as the adorable new banner she did for Ronda over at All the Best.

So if you are looking for an illustrator for any reason, definitely check out Patricia’s site!

And now for a “becoming-mom” update..

Not so sure how in detail to get with this stuff since this is, after all, a house blog and not an infertility blog, but I just want to apologize for my long absences and lack of posting on your blogs..

One thing I have learned about myself is that I am a serial obsessive. So while a normal person could focus on both their home AND their fertility status, for some reason I am just too one track minded. So, most likely I will create another blog to document THAT obsession so I don’t have to vent about it here.

But as a quick update, this cycle was my first medicated cycle and last Thursday we did an IUI. So keep your fingers crossed for us that it worked because I got some depressing news from the DR on Thursday before the procedure…

My blood test showed an elevated FSH level which basically means I have “diminished ovarian reserve”. Yes, at 34, my reproductive days are not only theoretically winding down, but are actually physically showing signs of decline. There’s definitely hope and I truly believe I will get pregnant but it will be harder for me and there is more “urgency” as my doctor put it to me.

So thank you for all the kind words and stories of hope from the last post. Not that “relaxing” is my style anyway, but now with this latest bit of information it is actually clinically ill-advised so that probably not the way that I am going to deal with the situation. Hopefully the acupuncture treatments I am about to start tomorrow will serve to relax my reproductive system, even though my mind is anything but relaxed about it.


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  1. Thanks so kindly for posting my illustration of your charming home! Love it!
    I sent a copy to my printer to have some note cards made for you and the original will be in your mailbox shortly!
    Keep a positive attitude and before you know it you will be Mother Hubbard…
    I have tons of stories of your exact same situation and Voila….
    Miracles do happen!

  2. wishing you the BESTEST of luck!!!

  3. thanks antibride!!

  4. I’d read a “becoming mom” blog! I’m in the head-scratching, why did my BBT do THAT, what in the heck are we doing WRONG stage myself.

    Best wishes for you.

  5. Best wishes for you.
    Keeping you in my prayers and keeping my fingers crossed!
    Lotsa love,

  6. Thanks for all the kind words..

    Ellen, I’m going to work on setting up the new blog this week, nice to know I’d have at least one reader!! :)

  7. You’ll have 2 readers on the new blog for sure as I have the exact same fetility issue. If I knew it was this hard to get pregnant I wouldn’t have worried all those years. ; )

  8. that illustration is absolutely ADORABLE! and sending all my wishes your way!

  9. I love that illustration! I had actually taken mine down…so I just put it back up.

    Everything will work out baby-wise, I’m sure of it. :)

  10. You could keep your becoming mom stuff on this blog too. Im sure everyone who has been following your nest building wants to follow it all the way through. Keep up the faith!

    Love the illustration – that is really too cute for words.

  11. OH MY GOD I want one! Except our house isn’t cute from the front yet, just overgrown and gross. So I guess not yet.

    Also, fingers crossed! My clock’s ringing away but Don refuses to start trying until we have, like, walls and electricity and stuff. Pshaw.

  12. The Dyson is the best ever ever ever it is amazing………………..

  13. Best of luck to you! It’s hard to not think obsessively about the stuff we want especially when it’s as important as a baby! just keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll get there!

  14. You know that pretty little girl who’s posted all over my blog? She’s my sister’s baby and is the result of a lot of sleepless nights obsessing over fertility treatments. I don’t say this to be all, “ha ha!” but rather to give you hope that sometimes these things just take longer than you’d like but when they do … the results are worth it.

  15. this blog is called “becoming HOME”, not “house”. i think it is only fitting that you therefore document ALL the efforts and projects one embarks in to truly create a loving home. for you, it means getting pregnant, and i feel it has its place on this blog ;)

    best of luck!

  16. Thanks everyone, you’re all so sweet and I really appreciate all the support! :)

  17. Its beautiful!

  18. I’m so glad that I found your blog! The illustration is absolutely CHARMING! Best of everything to you – may all of your dreams come true!


  19. I went through fertility treatments to have my children. Clomid stinks! I also hated the comments about relaxing. Relaxing had nothing to do with my body deciding when and if it would release an egg. Good luck to you. Jen

  20. Best of luck with everything – I hope the acupuncture works wonders. :-)

    That illustration is adorable – I love it. I also love your “before and after” feature on the front page – so cool!

  21. My invitro “baby” is 16! Good luck – good things will come in the end and you will put this all behind you and believe me – you will remember these bad times fondly as the time you created your child.

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