Birthday Blues

First of all, a huge thank you for all the vacuum suggestions, I’m still doing some research but am very grateful for the starting points!

So Monday was my birthday and I was NOT happy about it. In fact, I spent a good portion of Sunday sobbing and rejecting Jeff’s attempts to arrange a dinner/party with our friends to celebrate. Its not that I mind being 34 in general, its because we are trying to conceive (TTC) and every year that passes puts you into a different statistical bracket with lower and lower success rates.

The morning started with blood work at my fertility doc and my first round of clomid (the fertility drug aka the psychotic supliment!)  Yes, a bang up way to start the day.. then I went to work and had an uneventful day.

But then, I came home to Jeff and my presents!!!

The first thing I saw were these amazing flowers on our dining room table. I was so happy because Jeff remembered that casablanca Lilies and hydrangeas are my absolute favorites.  (4 days later and the entire house still smells amazing from this one arrangement!)

birthday flowers
And then I got to the wrapped gift…

Magellen Maestro 4040

Yes, the Magellan Maestro 4040 is my new best friend..

This is possibly the best birthday present ever!

It has so many cool features like it says the street name that you should turn on to instead of just saying “turn right in 100 feet” which is crucial for me because I have NO sense of measurements of distance…. 100 feet means absolutely nothing to me. It also has the AAA database of accomodations, restaurant reviews and events and even tells you which exits off the highway have what gas stations and food – before you get to them!

After present opening, we met my parents for a very nice dinner where they presented me with a very large check for my “share” of the Charmed & Dangerous Daily Candy windfall.. I wasn’t expecting this for reasons to complicated to go into here, but it is a nice surprise and will allow us to buy/do some of the things we’ve been putting off around the house. (French doors for the patio, kitchen backsplash, vacuum!)

So all in all, 34 wasn’t such a bad day.

In other news.. 

A beautiful brand new Goodwill just opened up around the corner from my house – yay!!!

Look what I scored for 99 cents:

Vase from Goodwill

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  1. Happy Birthday, Ariana!

    I think all of us who have fallen in love with your blog will be pulling for you and Jeff, sending good thoughts your way hoping that you will be able to start your little family. That flower arrangement is just lovely and the present is fantastic! The color of the new/old vase looks like it matches your coffee table—great score. :)

    All the best,


  2. First & foremost. Happy Birthday! I turned 37 on 10/6 so I can apprecaite the birthday blues. Second, stressing/obsessing over the fertility can (imho) have an effect on whether or not you conceive. I have several friends who did the whole fertility thing and stressed out and flipped out (one was 43 years of age). The 43 year old friend finally just stoppee one day. The stress was affecting her and everyone around her. So she stopped stressing, she actually stopped the fertility treatments and she just saif “que sera sera”. I swear to God, 4 months later – Preggo City. I’m not suggesting you stop treatments, just that you stop stressing about it (easier said than done, I’m sure).

    I am lost in LA at the moment with the Fiance’s GPS. It’s helpful but it doesn’t SAY the street name it just does the “300 meters” crap. So annoying. I keep having to “route recalculation”.

    Love the vase!

  3. Wow. I am Mary Miss Typo Today!

  4. @Jane, thanks so much, we need all the good luck we can get!

    @Iloveupstate, what are you doing in LA?? You should meet up with my sis, she’s a blast. Happy belated b’day to you! Libra’s rock, no wonder I like you so much ;) I hope you get home OK from LA and don’t get lost in a canyon (or a hood) somewhere. God, I’m bad with feet but meters? I’d be hopeless.

  5. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday, Ariana!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Glad your day turned out so Happy! WOW quite a fantastic haul!!! You deserve it, so enjoy it all.
    Everyone else is so right, do not stress and it will happen. Have faith. You have a new exciting year ahead.
    And hopefully by this time next year we will be hearing about a new chapter in your lives!

  6. Oh how I missed your blog the past few days! As a newbie home blogger ( I am both inspired and a bit obsessed with your adventures in home improvement. I read your whole blog from present to the very first entry, and I have to say I feel like we’re long lost house -fixing-up sisters. So happy belated birthday, sis! I’m sending the baby vibes your way. Beware, the last person I sent those to now has triplets.


  7. what a beautiful kitchen! love it!

    and happy birthday as well. :)

  8. @Gail, thank you!! I hope so too :)
    @ThisYoungHouse I love your blog!! I tried to comment but it said I had to be logged in and then it threw me into a wordpress login page?

  9. heyyyy!!! HAPPY B.DAY!!! best of wishes!!! i know i’ll sound like a broken record, but i just have to say it too… don’t stress! you’ll get your blessings in just the right moment, you’ll see ;)

    we’ve been missing you in blogland, but i understand completely… my house has been in complete chaos for the past 3 weeks, it seems construction workers live here! i’ll post about it later…

    keep up the good vibes!

  10. So sad you couldn’t comment. Devastated even. But the good news is now you can. We didn’t know we had to unclick that box thingie to allow comments without people having to sign in.


  11. Happy belated birthday to you.

    I have one of those navigation thingys too, and I love it.

    We had trouble conceiving too. We went through all the usual testing crap and finally had that dye shot through my tubes. BINGO, prego the next month. Dr. thinks something (tissue, etc.) was in my tubes blocking them.


  12. You might want to check out where you can post questions to fertility specialists and find peer-to-peer support on the forums

  13. Oh, and Happy Birthday.

  14. My college roommate (1987!) just had her first child at 38. It did take two years to conceive but she had an extremely easy pregnancy and baby Atticus is adorable! Two other friends (same age) just had their third children, also no problems.

    So, stay positive and good luck!

  15. Happy Birthday Ariana! Your hubby is so sweet… flowers and a device to keep you from getting lost! He must take good care of you. I sympathize about the baby/age thing. I blinked and all of a sudden I’m in my late 20’s and in no position (career wise) to have children. It’s a weird place to be, considering the decreasing fertility levels every year. I’ll say a prayer for you and Jeff, I’m sure you’ll be wonderful parents.

  16. Happy belated birthday! First of all you’re a nerd for loving a GPS but that makes me a nerd too. I’m sorry you’re having difficulties but glad you’re being proactive. You and Jeff will make such great parents! I love the flowers… especially the gorgeous, smelly, wedding one! :)

    Hope you got my last email, I never heard back but I see you’re very busy.

    Love you!

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