From Trash To Treasure…

I finally had a second to snap a picture of our fabulous new Simplehuman step trash can.  It was my choice as a housewarming gift from my aunt who asked me what we wanted/needed.. (I hope she didn’t read anything into the symbolism!)

Here’s a pic of our “trash can” before:

our old

and now after!

Our New trash Can

Simple Human Trash Can

I think its a big improvement and matches our stainless steel appliances perfectly! Not only is it a treasure because of its sleek look and flawless performance but because its costs a small fortune – can you believe the price of these things? Who knew that a trash can could cost more than most kitchen appliances..

But anyway, thanks Auntie, you’re the best!!

Roxy in TS Bloom clothesSo is anyone else as excited as I am about the premier of Project Runway next month?

I LOVE that show.. not just for the amazing designs  but also its just fascinating how they deal with some of those crazy challenges… like did you see the one where they had to create an outfit out of stuff found at a dump in NJ (See, “trash to treasure” – I’m working on a theme here!)

Now that PR is about to launch a new season, there are tons of interviews with the  designers popping up online and this one about Simone LeBlanc has a picture of my sister Roxanne modeling her clothes (seen to the left.)

Isn’t she beautiful? (She’s also sickeningly talented)

Hi Rox, happy belated birthday… come visit soon!!!


5 Responses to “From Trash To Treasure…”

  1. Wow, that’s your sister? She’s beautiful! What a cool outfit she got to wear there. I LOVE Project Runway too. The other night I met Nick from season 2 (faux-hawk, super cute, cried a lot, makes beautiful dresses Nick). I posted a pic on my blog, if you’re interested :)

  2. I second laurab…thats’ your sister? stunning. Yes… I am looking forward to PR starting. A guilty pleasure courtesy of bravo. Can’t wait.

    Funny how we have to ask for functional pieces like trash cans…then feel guilty. LOL. I’ve done the same so often, and people are certain you must need something else. No…just the necessities. Somehow we’ve managed to buy everything else on our own. No guilt there. ;)

  3. I love all superhuman stuff. Especially their drainboards.

  4. I have the exact same garbage can! I knew the moment I saw it that I had to have it. Even though the price was ASTRONOMICAL! I have never regretted it one bit. Although my friends did make fun of me for the price of it. I say why not spend on the things your brain tells you that you MUST have.

    Love what you have done to your house! I bought a tiny little place in May and have been working on it since. Slowly but surely I’m making it mine.

  5. I was just at Lowes and Target and stood in front of the trash can choices for like 30 minutes aghast at the price of these things! But then I thought, why not spend money on something you are going to use every day…all day. The model you have along with a few others in the stainless steel family look sleek and make taking the trash out not so icky a chore. As long as they last awhile and the ‘step thingy’ doesn’t break I’m buying one as well, nothing worse than looking at a filthy plastic trashcan…or bag when the rest of one’s kitchen looks so fabulous!

    p.s. your sister is gorgeous….You both must be a double double threat…beautiful and talented as you both must be!!

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