What Do we All Think of White Picket Fences?

So apparently Jeff has acquired a fence bug after putting up the back yard privacy fence..

I got an email from him asking where he could get a picture of the front of our house (um, yeah, he doesn’t really read the blog much..)

I sent him this:

our house now

And about an hour later I get an email with this:

house with front fence arch thingy

Yes, my husband didn’t go to four years of art school for nothing…

So, whatdya think? Too Stepford?

Oh, and about an hour after that I got another email with this attached:

our house with a fake addition

Apparently we won the lottery when I wasn’t paying attention and now we are thinking about additions to the house! Well at least what we lack in funds we make up for with enthusiasm :)

18 Responses to “What Do we All Think of White Picket Fences?”

  1. I tore down my white picket fence because it had rotted beyond repair. I miss it. Sniff. Sniff.

    Just don’t get a vinyl one – they look cheapish and they crack.

  2. i love the idea of the two of you concepting designs together. LOL.

    although I do like the idea of the white fence, the arch is a bit much, as it blocks the view of your lovely home. I’d go sans archway myself.

    what are your thoughts?

  3. Ooooh, I like it. I think the plantings in your front yard are dense enough and interesting enough (or, at least they are in the mockups!) that the picket fence doesn’t look too cliched.

    I think I agree with Franki about the arch, though. An arbor or pergola-type structure with right angles might match the style of your house more closely.

  4. Aw, I think it’s really cute! I was just pointing out to Don the other day how much I like the “secret garden” feel of your backyard — the fence totally goes with it.

    And just be glad Jeff’s not like Don, who reads the blog obsessively to make sure I’m “telling the story right”. And complains endlessly when I don’t! ;)

  5. Franki, you have a good point. I couldn’t put my finger on what seemed off about it, but yes the arch does seem to block the front. The GOOD part of that is that it would also block our view the opposite way (from the house facing accross the street ) which is trust me, not so pretty!

    LOL Ellen, no, our front plants are not quite so lush in real life. They got some photoshop miracle grow!

    Jamaila, I take that as a huge compliment thank you (as if I had anything to do with it!) Yes, well Jeff pretty much limits his appearances here to post marital blow outs to make sure I’m not corrupting the truth too much. I suppose your right and I should count my blessings that its not often :)

  6. like it minus the arch. in fact, i love it!

    what i also love is the fact that you guys are dreaming big together. =)

  7. I like the arch, but I would square it off more, make it echo the lines of the front door.

  8. I like the whole thing including the arch although I like Ellen’s suggestion of a pergola better.

  9. Ooh. I never thought about putting my photoshop skills to use by decor samples. My boyfriend and I have been discussing exterior paint colors on the house and this would be a good way to make up our mind.

    A white picket fence is not really my taste but if it was mine I would go without the arch as well.

  10. Very good input and almost a consensus! I shall have to try to convince Jeff to mock up a square version.

    (He always loves it when I start a sentence with “My blog friends said…”) cause he knows it means more work for him!

  11. I’m a little partial to the rounded arch, but that is just because I think climbing roses look best that way! My hubby in a graphic artist, but do you think he has time to fix my pictures for me? Nooo. Oh, I’m going to use is just the guilt leverage I needed, thanks. :)

  12. . . . don’t ever stop dreaming and planning. One project at a time, then save and tackle the next.


  13. Ahahaha, my “my blog friends said” is “Well, I asked the Internet, and…”


  14. Oh wow I love this! :) haha does your husband hang out on the Garden Web Home Forums?! hahaha It’s like an obsession over there to photoshop rooms and houses to see what they will look like after the fact. :) I love the look of the fence and the addition, but like others I think the arch takes away from the house. Also, generally arches seem to look funny to me specifically when the walkway grades away from the house. It’s an optical illusion that they won’t be tall enough for a grown adult to walk through because of the slope in the walkway. *laugh* I don’t know if thats how yours would end up looking..I just know most that I’ve seen do!

    Let us know what y’all decide to do. :)

  15. Hi – what program did your husband use to show the picket fence and addition?

    Just wondering, I’d like to try it out.


  16. Love the fence, not sure about the arch. What a creative couple!!

  17. Kelly, no, he doesn’t know about gardenweb, but I LOVE it!

    Joni, he used photoshop..

  18. Woah – nice photoshopping skills! There are even plants sticking out between the fence, and proper shadows and the whole shabang. Does he do requests for money? Hehe…I’d love to send a pic of my house off to someone and get a bunch of possibilities sent back, and my photoshopping skills are just not that strong :(

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