Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Well, it makes us good neighbors, I’m still not too sure about THEM. By THEM I mean the family who live next door who are very nice but clearly don’t count home maintenance among their virtues.

Oh yeah, Hi, I’m back!! Well, sort of back..Jeff (Aka the Charmed & Dangerous widower) has been doing house stuff while all I’ve had time for is filling orders.

Ok, back to the fence..

So our house used to have this gorgeous fence that was completely covered with ivy and other sundry climbing greens stuff that insulated our yard from the no-maintenance neighbors. Unfortunately, the old fence collapsed under the weight of all that green stuff. Given the “view” we definitely needed to replace it.

Here’s the before and afters. First is the yard before fence…..

yard before fence

And now, Yard after Fence!!

yard after fence

yard after putting up fence

It makes a big difference doesn’t it?

Now if we could just convince our neighbors to do something about those boarded up windows and remove their ladder, we’d be in business! (Is there a law against replacing  someone else’s windows in the middle of the night??)

In other yard news, our roses made a little bit of a comeback thanks to the indian summer we’ve been having here in NY:


But even more exciting is that our white PeeGee Hydrangeas starting turning pinkish so they are finally looking like those two toned varieties that I love so much..


There have been a few other activities taking place around the house but I haven’t been there to photograph them… for example we’re having major door issues, more on that later!

15 Responses to “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”

  1. Oh, welcome back & congrats on your orders!
    I am a big fan of a nice fence and yours is a lovely one! You could plant a strategically placed arborvitae or column apple tree or some such tall slim plant to hide the boarded up windows…

  2. Hi Jane! That’s a good idea.. though my goodness, I really hope they don’t leave those windows like that as long as it will take for a tree to grow up that high!!

  3. lol—well you are right about that!

  4. I’ve got nothin’ but love for a privacy fence.

  5. Yes, fences make good neighbors. I live in a neighborhood where we cannot have fences. I love my neighbors, but I just don’t want to see them. Our yard is heavily landscaped with fourteen – 12 foot colorado blue spruce pine trees to give me a natural fence. Green all year young, no leaves to rake. I love them. . . . and my neighbors.


  6. Really impressed with your garden…very lush and green. Reminds me of an english garden in many ways.

    I have a black thumb so a nice garden wows me to no end :)

  7. Your back yard is amazing! And I love PG Hydrangeas too.

  8. hey!!! welcome back!!!

    such a nice garden! and yeah it’s a good thing you replaced the fence! i think there will always be neighbor issues, but fences do help!!!

  9. Hello Ariana & Jeff,

    Just a quick note to let you know that an article about your remodeling has been written and included alongside your entry in the Remodel, Blog & Win online contest at

    It can be viewed here:


    Keep up the good work!

  10. i am infinitely jealous of your backyard – even without the fence! :)

  11. […] So apparently Jeff has acquired  a fence bug after putting up the back yard privacy fence.. […]

  12. Sheryl, your “fence” sounds lovely!

    Mrs Limestone: I have the blackest of all black thumbs.. we are lucky because our house was beautifully landscaped when we bought it. The trick will be trying not to kill it!

    Leigh: is it PGs? I’m so garden ignorant :)

    Cathy: Wow, you guys really took the time to go through the whole blog, great write up, thanks!

  13. Lalalala-LOVE the backyard! And the new fence!

    I also love those pictures of the new white picket fence…

    I’m addicted to your blog :)


  14. Hi Ariana,
    I stumbled to your blog…loved your blog title ‘becoming home’ :-). Love your before after posts and gallery! I am a new home owner myself [if you can call 2 years as being ‘new’;-)] and could so relate to the ‘adventures’ of setting up a home!

  15. I love your arbor, its amazing how your yard just seems to be a glorious. I am excited to get into my yard this year and start making it a place I can live and enjoy.

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