Housewarming Party Video!

When my uber talented friend Evan Palazzo who made this video for us is NOT shooting and editing video or acting in a film or play, he’s playing the best jazz piano you’ve ever heard either on his website or as his alter ego heavydutyfats on youtube!

I’m apparently not quite as talented at embedding the video, because the proportions look off and there’s no preview image.. but at least I got it working. (Oh yeah, you have to click the little play button to start it, I didn’t want it to autostart when visiting the site I find that really annoying!)

You’ll notice a few things I mentioned in my housewarming party recap post.. like the conspicuous lack of Jeff after he opens the door and my lack of shoes and makeup.. but the rest is there!

So come on a my house…..


PS, this is the Julie London version of the song. Don’t you just love her?

16 Responses to “Housewarming Party Video!”

  1. Ah, I can’t see it. It’s just flashing a tiny red filmstrip.

  2. i can’t see it either… maybe you could upload it to youtube and then link to it ;)

  3. All I see is a black box :(

  4. No, of course you can’t because I am a complete dolt!
    I think I was supposed to use an absolute URL for something and didn’t, because I can see it fine from the homepage of my blog: but not from this individual post page. GRRR! And of course the source file is on my home computer where I can’t get to it!

    Let me know if you can see it in the homepage?

  5. Love it! I have been keeping up with your progress and enjoyed seeing the “live” version. Shows a different angle than still shots. We’re slowly (very slowly) renovating our little cottage, so I enjoy seeing your work!

  6. awwwww…video is great! I had to direct link to it in firefox and view it in it’s own window before it would load inside of your post. Wierd!! :) Oh well..i got to see it! everything looked great and looks like ya’ll had a great time. :)

  7. I love it! It’s awesome to be able to see some of the rooms as more than one still frame. It’s all so… so… finished! I’m so envious. ;) I totally want to come over and ogle your decorating decisions.

  8. Thanks guys, sorry for all the tech problems..!

    Jamaila, a “moving” camera can hide a lot of flaws.. believe me, there are TONS of unfinished details! ;)

  9. What a sweet gift to be treasured for a long time to come – how neat!

    Can I just say your blog is awesome? I love your style and creativity and look forward to exploring!

  10. now i see it!!! such a sweet video, great thinking!!! i love the mexican movie ending with the words “FIN”!!! congrats on the house, it looks so lived in! i still have echo in mine! hahahahahaha!!!

  11. This was great! Thanks for sharing!! I made my husband watch it…I feel as if we are a “west coast” version of you guys… Congratulations!!!

  12. Hey, at least you have walls. :P

  13. What a nice video! The house looks great and the party was evidentally a success (I like your dress too, very cute).

  14. What a great gift! I still can’t believe how much you guys have accomplished in a really short time.

  15. Thank you everyone!! And sorry I’ve been so absent and also haven’t posted on your blogs much :(

  16. talk about a fab housewarming gift! great video – and you’re right, the julie london version of the song really sets it off. great way to showcase the house and the host and hostess.

    I hope you two took a much needed day off afterwards!

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