The Housewarming Party Blues

After all of the stress, money, last minute renovations and repairs our housewarming party was sort of a bust.

I KNEW things weren’t going to go well when friday night (the night before the party) we discovered that the faucet we bough for the downstairs party room didn’t have the bolts on it.  We had planned on Jeff installing it that night.  At that moment, I had a vision of Jeff working on installing the sink all day the day of the party and me running around doing EVERYTHING else, which is just how it went down. Only worse!

Ok, lets start at the beginning. I shopped all day friday… I’m talking Costco, Ikea, Shoprite, National Wholesale Liquidators, the Liquor store, and Target.  The night before we painted the messy silver powder room back to its original color (trust me, it looked better in pictures than in real life.) At ikea, I saw these blik like wall decals and just bought them on impulse.  Here they are in the powder room:

powder room decals

Powder Room with Ikea Decals 

Then Jeff wakes up and starts installing the sink. Over the course of the morning (of the party!) Jeff needs to return to home depot no less than 3 times, twice for parts he didn’t know he needed and once again because just when we thought we were finished, the sink starts leaking all over the floor! He had to go get a different type of pipe fitting.

The upshot of the whole sink debacle is that I am running around like a maniac and literally didnt’ have time to put on makeup or even shoes before the first guests arrived (literally as I was  just pulling some clothes on).

Just to make things more fun,  in the middle of grilling the burgers Jeff passes out from heat stroke. He remains upstairs in bed for most of the remainder of the evening.

So all in all, I would definitely say things did NOT go well. With Jeff being basically incapacitated, I didn’t have time to sit the whole night let alone take pictures, so all I got were these:

Here is the pergola:

We used an ikea globe shade to provide light. Here is a pic under the pergola where you can see the taupe colored painter’s drop cloth draped over it:

As if I didn’t have enough to do, I also had to cover our white walmart cushions that we bought with the patio set with fabric I bought from ikea because they are WAY too disgusting to sit on:

Thankfully one of my good friends Evan and his wife Jen brough a digital video camera and made a little movie house tour! He’s going to edit it and put it to music. He asked me to pick out a song to put it to and I can’t think of one.. have any suggestions for me?

In much more exciting news.. 

My parents (who live 5 minutes from us) adopted a dog this weekend and brought her over to play on Sunday..


Her name is Lily and she’s a Cairn terrier.  Isn’t she adorable?

So anyway, that’s the whole weekend in a nutshell. I don’t think we’ll be entertaining again anytime soon.. But if we do, Jeff will NOT be allowed to drink and grill or install anything the same day of the party!

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  1. Trust me, you will look back on this one day soon and laugh yourself sick. It’s a GREAT story!

    Hope Jeff is feeling better.

    I want your parents’ dog too. Just send Lily and Sam over together. So farkin’ cute!

    The decals in the bathroom look incredible!!!

  2. i think it’s sort of a jinx but housewarmings usually go wrong at some point! nothing to worry about, this things just happen! i’m sure your guests understand completely! next party will go smoothly i’m sure!

  3. The pergola turned out lovely, and I really like the last-minute decals! Sorry the rest was a bust – it seems like big parties rarely give a good return on all the stress investment you give.

    In other news, just saw C&D featured in Daily Candy Deals- congrats!!!

  4. How about “Our House” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash?

  5. Is that the BM Revere Pewter, because it definitely does not look muddy here? It looks incredible.

  6. Poor Jeff…poor you!! The pergola looks great and I really like the decals. One day, many years from now, yall will look back on this time with fond memories! Take it from someone who has renovated a house and has been married 14 years!

  7. Oh no! What a mess! I hope Jeff is feeling better. Those wall decals from IKEA are fab, though–they just look great in the bathroom. Don’t worry–you know you’re making progress!

  8. I’m sorry it didn’t go as well as you’d hoped.
    I hope your husband is feeling better, poor guy. If my husband and I had been in your shoes, we would probably have had a fight on top of everything else! So, in my book, you did well.

    Love the decals!

  9. Thanks all, I’m sort of over it now.. though yesterday was depressing. But as Kristen pointed out our jewelry charmed & Dangerous was featured in daily candy and its been insane..
    we’ve gotten like 3 orders a MINUTE all day long!

    Lsaspacey, I was thinking the same thing :) And yes, that’s the revere pewter.. I think it looks less muddy because I took this picture on a day when there was more light. You can kind of see the pinkish/mauvey tint coming through. Its a nice color, i’ve come to like it!

  10. Sorry the party didn’t go off as planned.
    I am sure everyone had a nice time but still were concerned that your husband got sick. Hope he is all better now!

    However, the pergola and bathroom looked great.

    The decal looked interesting. what color is it?
    I came across some decals on Etsy at “elly nelly” shop, Kinda fun. To view go to:
    Hope this weekend the coming weekend go better

  11. Sorry that happened to you. Guys have a way of doing stuff like that (like when the diaper’s need changing, or the kitchen needs cleaning up). They tend to have their “own” agenda and think everything else just “happens!!”


  12. and about music for the video, how about: “finally found a home” by Oh No! Oh My! (i think it’s a huey lewis cover).

    or maybe “come on a my house” by rosemary clooney.

    depends on your style, i would go with the first one! ;)

  13. oh goodness, your poor husband.

    on the bright side of things, those decals are FABULOUS. i may have to have them. it’s been months since i’ve stopped into ikea.

  14. Re: music. Talking Heads…all the way.

  15. That bathroom looks terrific! The pergola area looks fab, sorry your husband was ill, poor guy and you must have been exhausted, but you still pulled it off and like upstate said, it’s a GREAT story!! As for music, i like antibride’s suggestion of “come on a my house” (i didn’t know rosemary clooney sang that — i know it from “Girls Next Door”! The things you learn in the blogging world! :)
    Congrats on all your orders!

    p.s. your parents dog is too darling.

  16. awww! I’m sorry the party didn’t go so well and I hope your hubby is feeling better! You have to be really careful with heat!!!

    The bathroom looks great and I love the decal! It is something I’d never thought to do but I love how it turned out! :)

  17. Hey guys, Come on a my house sounds perfect!Thanks!!

    Heartartz, Those decals from Etsy are Amazing! The ones I got are gold.. not really what I had in mind, but it does kind of match the pinkish tones of the revere pewter walls :)

  18. Yikes. Poor Jeff. I’m sure it was a lovely party, and your bathroom looks fabulous. The color is very clean and crips with all the white and I love the decals. I LONG for an Ikea, I’m convinced it would change my world.

  19. Love that detailing in the bathroom.

  20. Are you kidding me? Oh, Ariana, I’m so sorry! I can’t believe what you went through. Poor Jeff. Ay yi yi!

    On an up note all of your guests are gone, your decals are killer, your new stepdog is amazing, and you’re busy as hell.

    Hang in there homeowner. It just gets better!


  21. I really like the choice of wall decal versus the full-on wallpaper option. It gives you so many more options (changing it later, contrasting colors..). Very nice work.

    And poor Jeff. What a sport!

    Just remember, no one notices flaws at a party like the hostess. As long as your friends and family enjoyed themselves, that’s all that matters. Perfection is overrated! ;)

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