Smooshing – Don’t Try This at Home!

Have to be quick, preparing for party tomorrow! We tried the smooshing, rolled on the BM metallic veil cream over the BM revere pewter undercoat.  Applied the plastic sheeting and shmooshed.. then peeled and it looked really weird..the patterns the plastic made seemed too busy, too close together. Maybe we didn’t do it right?

So we started to just roll the paint out with the roller.. big mistake.

This is where the BM metallics fail-when you try to treat them like regular paint rather than for a faux technique. The majority of the room where I could roll looks kind of cool:

benjamin moore metallic paint

But it’s around the edges where you need to cut in with a brush that it looks crazy messy:

smooshing technique

So now, I have to paint BOTH bathrooms over (As predicted, I liked the upstairs bathroom better white than gray)  As if I don’t have enough to do today!

I’ll be back with pics of housewarming on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!

9 Responses to “Smooshing – Don’t Try This at Home!”

  1. What if you tried a foam brush or your sponge and smashed it into the corners. It looks so good! I hate to see it go.

  2. I’m with Lori, but know you’re feeling under the gun…they make that roller that looks like a donut for corners. The walls look sooooo cool…

  3. ohhh, it DOES look pretty on the larger rolled areas! oh well.

    Can’t wait to see pretty housewarming pictures!

  4. good luck with the housewarming party!!!!

  5. It looks really cool on the rolled areas – maybe you could trim out the edges and corners? That’s a lot of work too…

  6. I told her it wouldn’t work.

  7. Looks nice to me. How about putting corner molding up? If you don’t like to meter you could just take two pieces of molding, tack it up (one on each wall) then use those little block thingys on top. Fill in any center cracks with caulk and prime and paint. Would be easier, creative, no one else would have it, could be striking. You could paint it black or another complimenting color. . . just a thought. Seems like a lot of work to have to prime and repaint!

  8. If you had time, it would have been nice to frame it out with just a 4-5 inch border of the gray alone with the veil inside.

    So just live with it over the weekend and fix it later. If your friends say anything during the party it would only show their rudeness. If you feel you must, then explain what happened and your friends should understand a DIY attempt that went bad.

  9. Hi = my daughter’s room has the Pratt and Lambert metallic silver gray with purple ceiling (hey, she’s 16!). It’s best put on with a sprayer. If you could get that. But we put it on by hand too, the corners get a little messy, but it’s so beautiful, you just overlook that aspect of it. You probably should do the corners first that roll over it as close to the wall as you can = maybe with a really really small baby roller?

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