Muddy Gray Powder Room – EEK!

We painted the BM Revere Pewter in the downstairs powder room last night.. its one of those chameleon like colors. It looked like a pure gray in my test patch, but when I got the fan deck outside in the natural light it had a distinct mauvish pinky gray undertone.  And last night, but the incandescent light of the chandelier it looked green. This morning, with only the teeniest bit of natural light it looked muddy:

benjamin moore revere pewter paint

Mmmm Muddy. Not exactly what I had in Mind. 

I’m hoping when I get home from work today the light will have changed it for the better. I’m not TOO too worried because the BM veil cream metallic has a real pinkish tone that will change the feel of this one.. ok, maybe I’m just a LITTLE bit worried.

I forgot to tell you about my fabulous weekend find!

mirrored picture frames

Mirrored picture frames from national wholesale liquidators! 

Possibly the best house deal ever at $5.99 each.

And now an announcement…

I am very honored to be the second place winner of Iloveupstate’s logo contest.  I scored a subscription to House Beautiful which is a good thing, because I never get subscriptions and end up spending way too much by paying cover price for my Decorating Porn or as Lainy calls it: “Decorno”.

The contest was so much fun I’ve been trying to think up my own contest… and came up with nothing. Any ideas?

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  1. My name is Jean and I have an addiction to National Wholesale Liquidators too.

    I feel so cleansed now. Admitting my addictions is the first step, right?

    Great frame! I also like that the powder room paint changes colors over the course of the day.

  2. The photo may be misleading, but it doesn’t look muddy to me. It looks purdy. Nice score on the frames!

  3. don’t worry about the paint! with all those mirrors in there and some nice decals or whatever you’ll be using in there, it’s gonna look amazing! trust your instincts!!!

  4. Jean, we nay need to form a support group :)

    Dulcie and antibride, I’m glad you guys don’t think its hideous. That helps!

  5. wow, I am surprised at how close the paint color looks to the BM “personal color viewer” version (I thought theirs was way off until your pic today)… I still think it might work with the “veil cream” over top and I agree with Dulcie that it’s purdy. :) Have you tried true reveal light bulbs that are supposed to take some of the yellow out? Maybe it won’t go green at night then. Love that mirrored frame! (And the white flower thingy on the table…)
    Thought you might like this idea from Blueprints to use up all your paint samples when you’re done

  6. I dont think the color looks muddy at all. (maybe the photo doesnt show the true tone?) Once you add all the finishing touches, it will look beautiful.

  7. Of course it is hard to tell from a photo, but I really like the color.

  8. I like the color, it would look great with lots of white frames, b/w prints… that sort of thing. My friend downloaded French Royals pics from the net and printed them out in black and white and put them in her bathroom. Just an idea.

  9. Hi. I ran across your blog today and really enjoyed it. I love what you’re doing to your house! You have a real knack for decorating, don’t you? I love your ideas for the guest room. The colors are so soothing.

    If you have time, visit me at my blog:

  10. Me again… sorry about the previous comment… it was meant for a different blog I found. I know, I’m goofy! But I do like your blog, too. I’ve bookmarked it so I can come back to it.

  11. Congrats!

    Hey, Lainy here (aka How can you afford to redecorate if you are throwing your money away at the newsstand on your decorno! :) I really do urge you once a year to “splurge” on subscriptions to all your favorite shelter mags. Seriously, you know you will get sucked into buying them on the newsstand, so do yourself a favor, subscribe to your 8 faves now. Then with the money you save, you can buy more adorable mirrored frames and chandeliers. You can subscribe really easily on Amazon, and I also heard you can get sick deals on subscriptions on ebay, of all places.

    Sorry to sound like your nagging mom, but those newsstand prices are a money drain, kiddo.

    Keep up your fabulous blog. We all love living vicariously through you. I am still trying to figure out how you have the energy for all this work!

  12. Haaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

    “Decorno”!!!!! Haaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

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