Weekend Update – in which Not Much gets done

But we have an excuse – we had our first overnight house guests! We had hoped to have the bathrooms primed and painted before their arrival, but we only got as far as the priming and then lots and lots of cleaning ensued.

I have to thank Mike and Tracy because had they not come to stay, Jeff and I probably wouldn’t have taken anytime at all to relax and enjoy at least part of the holiday weekend.

A few little changes were made, such as a new rug in the living room (from pier one) and Jeff hanging the JC Penney shades despite my protestations that I might want to return them still:

pier one rug

New Rug and shades.  (Yes, I am aware that the rug should go about another foot under the couch so that the coffee table appears centered on the rug.. but as far as I know they don’t make many 6×8 rugs!)

Having found a piece of wood that was miraculously the exact right size, Jeff finally hung the shelf above the kitchen windows that I bought the brackets for like 3 months ago:

new kitchen shelf

New shelf above sink. 

Now all I need are some plants and a few beautiful objects to go up there, like anything from Roseanna Inc’s Bungalow or Victoriana Collection:

Rosanna Inc American Bungalow Collection

rosanna inc white colleciton

Rosanna Inc White Collection

In other news..

Its supposed to be 88 degrees and HUMID next saturday for our Houswarming and I’m totally worried that an umbrella around our outdoor will not be adequate  to keep 16-25 people cool or even out of the sun at all. So I was thinking that maybe I should move the majority of the furniture off the deck and under the pergola:


Party under the Pergola?

Unfortunately, the pergola doesn’t look NEARLY this nice now, because the roses and the rhoddies are no longer in bloom and the pretty ivy to the right in the back got a disgusting fungus and had to be chopped down to what now looks like weedy grass.  But anyway, the advantage to having it under here is I could string the pergola with some outdoor lights and attempt to drape some sort of makeshift fabric canopy over it to provide some shade. Here is my inspiration picture:

billowy draped pergola

So pretty and billowy!

So, any ideas where I can get outdoor string lights at this time of year? (Don’t have time for online stores, need to find them locally!) And what inexpensive fabric could I drape over the pergola? I can’t do anything too lightweight like muslin can I? I’m afraid that it won’t be an effective sun-blocker if it’s too thin.

I hope I get to painting the bathrooms tonight..I’m hesitating a little because after we primed both rooms they look so airy, big and bright and now I’m worried that the gray I chose will appear cavelike and small by comparison.

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!

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  1. One way to get lots amd lots of fabric really cheaply is to use canvas painter’s tarps. May not be exactly what you’re looking for, but in case you ever need lots and lots of fabric….Secondly, look for white sheets, either on sale or at a thrift shop and sew them together. (Easy, just straight lines–or just attach them separately looks like you can).

    Good luck.

  2. Canvas painter tarp from Lowes or Home Depot will chicly cover the top and keep the sun out….cheap and chic! It’s a beautiful area for entertaining you are so lucky! The greenery you will still have around is lovely and a great place to coverse and enjoy your hospitality. No worries!

  3. one more thing….absolutely paint the bathroom walls with that gorgeous bluey gray paint! Be brave and stop second guessing yourself, you were right on with that paint color!…it will look elegant, white is a little lifeless in a 1/2 bath. The bluey gray is elegant, with the white porcelain….fabulous. Don’t forget, you can always paint a new color…but I think you will love the results with the color you originally chose :)

  4. Thanks for great idea Alana, and for the words of encouragement Shelley! :)

  5. Ariana, what is that I see on your couch? Are there some beautiful new blue pillows next to the printed ones? They look just lovely! :) I really really love the colored vases from “Rosanna”—I think I might have to order them myself.

    I so agree with Shelley about sticking with your instincts on the gray paint in the powder room! And as far as faux treatments go—the “smooshing” is quick and easy and seems to be a nice match for the look that you obviously love, so go for it. Everyone had finally gotten the last stitch of wallpaper removed from their walls and all the paneling taken down, when, voila! it is all back again. Rather than being behind the times you are probably setting the trend. :) Oh, and what about christmas lights if you can’t find garden lights (although I think I am still seeing them out there…)?

  6. Good eye Jane LOL! The pillows are great aren’t they? It took me a few hours to get used to the baby blue hue, but I really like them now. (Oh yeah, and Jeff almost killed me when the package with MORE pillows arrived :)

    I don’t know about setting trends, but I DO know that I priced out a wallpaper I liked and it was going to be $219 for that teeny tiny room! Its not that its such a huge number, but its alot more expensive if you end up not liking it and a lot more work to remove it so I decided that I’m too INdecisive for wallpaper! Too bad I love the way it looks so much.

    Xmas lights will be a fine quick fix if I can’t find any others..National Wholesale liquidators will probably have something I’m thinking. And it will be dirt cheap too!

  7. I love love love the shelf above your sink, it’s perfect. A party under the pergola would be beautiful. You could use a cheap burlap fabric instead of white (usually you can find for around $3 a yard or less) and do a fall themed dinner party. It sounds a little ‘square danceish’ but my friend used it for tablecloths with white pumpkins, mums and candles, it was very seasonal and chic looking.

    Probably all outdoor lights will be on clearance by now, I found mine at Garden Ridge Pottery. You could always use clear Christmas lights in a crunch… I’m sure they are on sale by now in Hobby Lobby or Michaels. This party sounds so fun, wish I could help!

  8. Love the idea of partying under the pergola. Maybe 2 packages of the mega-huge canvas-like white curtains from Ikea? Just make sure it doesn’t act like a sail and blow the pergola away!

  9. About the bathroom, maybe this will help when you think about placement. It doesn’t have to be uniform to work. http://howaboutorange.blogspot.....ecals.html

  10. Try Walmart and get Christmas lights. I was in Walmart today and their garden stock is gone and up is going the Christmas decor!! Can you believe it? Anyways, you can use Christmas lights.

  11. Oooooohhhhhh!

    The pergola with the painter’s canvas….my dream! I can’t wait to hear about what you did! Take pictures of your housewarming party!

    I’m really enjoying your blog and I can’t believe how much you’ve gotten done on your house! Your kitchen is FAB! Love your style!

    Keep up the great work – love that bathroom re-do, too!

    Kindest Regards,

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