Faux Silver Finishes

First of all, I forgot to post this baroque bathroom pic yetserday:

baroque bathroom

Pretty no? It has an accent wall like Iloveupstate suggested!

Last night I added about 10 shades of gray to my already absurdly large collection of BM sample pots. But I may return nine of them because I fell in love with the first one I tried called “revere pewter.” I think it may even look great in the upstairs bathroom (the one with the white and navy blue tile) as well as the downstairs powder room. Wow, I might actually SAVE some money for once :)

Downstairs I tried two faux painting techniques using BM metallic glaze in veil cream over the the test patches of the revere pewter. Not having the proper tools (natural sponge, 4mm plastic dropcloth) I used what was on hand in my kitchen.. a scotch brite sponge for the sponging technique and some saran wrap for the smooshing.

Here are the results:

smooshing technique

Saran Wrap Smooshing

sponging faux silver

Scotch Brite Sponging

You can actually see the tiny ridges of the scotch brite sponge – I think the smooshing came out much more like the actual technique than the sponging so its a bit of an unfair comparison. What do you think?

Over this sort of treatment, I might do maybe a pale white stencil rather than silver over gray..if I end up doing stencil at all that is.

On a completely different topic..

What do you all think of centerset vs. widespread faucets?

Here is my pedestal sink with the centerset I bought, but I can’t help wondering if it would look better in the widespread (and way more expensive of course!) version:


widespread faucet

Widespread Version

Would this be way more elegant and worth the extra $50?

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

25 Responses to “Faux Silver Finishes”

  1. I like the saran wrap effect better.
    I can’t tell a difference between the faucets.

  2. Slice of life, there’s a “platform” below the centerset faucets.. the widespread come out of the sink individually..if that makes sense!

  3. I do like the widespread faucets better. (Just making your life more difficult!)

  4. I think the faucet you already has just needs one thing. Remove the base under the handles and spout. I think this will TOTALLY give you the best look for the cheapest price. By the way, I can’t see enough difference between the 2 faucets either. :o) Happy day!

  5. i also like the widespread faucet better… they are much more comfortable! the centered one is a little too crowded for me. i like the silver color!!!! and i also think the saran effect is nicer, the sponge technique seems too eighties for me! and i don’t think that’s what you are looking for! i would say stay with the saran, and whenever you can, add some decals you love and you’ll be set!

    have a nice weekend!

  6. The only reason I don’t like the widespread version better is because my first thought was…more places to trap ‘soap gunk’. LOL Really though, they ALL trap soap gunk and messy-man-shaving-stuff. Otherwise, they are so similar. I’d go with the cheaper one.

  7. Oh, I love the “smooshing” technique and the “revere pewter” paint—thanks for testing that color, because I have been considering gray in my bathroom too and it’s nice to see a sample! :)
    I wondered before why I loved the pic of the faucet, but something seemed funny once it was installed—now I know, I think it looks crowded and prefer the widespread version. However, since it’s the powder room it might not be such a big deal, i.e., worth the trouble and expense of changing out. (Everyone will be too distracted by the baroque mirror frame and chandy to notice…) I love the jeweled look of the faucet and handles. It looks like you are really on your way now to finishing the powder room. Congratulations!

  8. Dulcie, of course you do! ;)

    Jennifer, that is exactly the difference between the two (the platform.. I don’t think its removeable, its soldered on. So if you want the same thing without the platform, you have to buy the wide set version :(

    Antibride, I was actually thinking they both have total 80’s potential.. definitely a fine line I’m treading here :)

    Iloveupstate, hadn’t thought of the soapscum issue! Fortunately since its just a half bath I don’t think they’ll be any man shaving happening down there..

  9. Also, make sure that have enough room on the sides (if you go “widespread” for your soap dish/dispenser, etc. I get so annoyed at my little sink because I am forever knocking stuff on the floor when I use the handles.

  10. Jane, I’ll definitely post pics of the revere pewter without the silver over so you can see!

    Iloveupstate, I think the two versions are exactly the same placement apart (4″). Unfortunately I just got off the phone with Jeff who laughed at me when I suggested we return the faucet we already have for one we have to special order AND pay more for.


  11. Your husband is my husband, lol! When you go to do the upstairs, do the wide faucet. It really does look more elegant. And just because it is separate, it’s easier to clean–more room for the (cleaning) toothbrush.

    The smooshing technique is terrific. (You can also use large garbage bags, opened up. Cheaper than saran!)

  12. Even though it’s just an accent wall, my suggestion is have them cut your paint down to 80% or 90% so it isn’t as dark, since the bath is so small as it is. Very similar to the rule where you should always go one shade down from you want. Keep the set you have, it really isn’t that much of a difference, and believe me its one of those details that you will forget about, unlike a couch decision.

  13. Alana, garbage bags is a great tip. How is it it seems like you’ve already done everything I post about wanting to do? You NEED to have your own blog so we can see pictures, I bet you have a ton! :)

    Lsaspacey, actually I was going to paint the whole room that color.. the accent wall was just an idea if I used wallpeper. So you think its too dark? Hmmm. I could go down some percentage. Or maybe I’ll try some of the other sample pots. I kind of was digging the dark though. After we get it primed I may sample paint a bigger area to be sure of the color before doing the whole thing.

  14. … I thought ‘the rule’ was to go one shade darker, because people tend to chicken out and err towards the pastel shades. (?) I say stick with the color as-is. It’s gorgeous and dramatic!

    It sounds like you’re not going to return your faucet, but the wide set does look a little better. My husband would probably have the same reaction.

    Also, please don’t sponge paint! You are definitely heading into 80s territory. ;) Are you giving up on the stencil idea?

  15. OK, or maybe ‘the rule’ is to go one shade up because people tend to pick horrible neon vivid little kid colors?

  16. Ok, I’m the contrarian voice here apparently, but I really like the one-piece faucet. It looks so cute and compact and dainty – perfect in a smaller feminine bath.

    As for the paint samples – are they reflecting the peach from across the room? It looks sorta like you didn’t prime and the peach is showing through – but maybe that’s just the metallic-ness, which I can imagine is hard to photograph.

    Other than that, definetly the saran version. It looks more textured and dramatic as opposed to just vaguely irregular.

  17. Your sink may not be able to take a widespread. You have to have the proper # of holes and a lot of the tiny pedestals only have a single hole.

    That said, I do like the widespread better.

    And Im also on the hunt for the perfect gray color so I’d love to see your sample photos.

  18. Nicole,
    Thanks, I’m glad you like the gray.. I really like it too and I’m usually the “chicken out” and go too pastel!

    LOL about the sponging. Does that statement include the smooshing or is does that fall into 80s territory too?

    I’m not sure about the stencil yet. Its so much more complicated because I have to find the right stencil, the right stencil paint and color etc. plus measure it all out.. I guess I was hoping I’d find an easier way to get a baroque look, but I haven’t totally ruled it out yet.

    Ellipsisknits, I’ll take your contrarian opinion because thanks to my husband, thats probably what I’ll have to get anyway!

    You’re right, we haven’t primed that wall yet so the peach us coming through a bit. We do plan on priming so that will go away.

  19. Well, I’m not a big fan of faux techniques, so don’t let me sway you too much. I do think the smooshing is a lot better than sponging though!

    Oh yeah, I was going to show you – my sink has the true widespread option, haha!

  20. Mrs Limestone, our tiny pedestal does have 3 holes.. they call it a “mini spread”. I was half hoping after reading your post that it DIDN’T so I could stop obsessing…

    Nicole, I love your kitchen! But anyway, wow, that IS a true widespread! Plenty of room to clean between those facuets LOL.

  21. Ariana,

    We have the close set faucet and it’s great. The scale is what you should be concerned about and the size of the sink (which is so elegant btw)fits the closer set faucet. The widespread would look out of scale and you already have it installed and it looks lovely!

    The paint is gorgeous but I think you should go with just the paint and forget the “techniques” it will look dated after a few years and it might be a bit overdone. I think just that gorgeous color with the elegant white enamel of the sink against it will look fab. The “jewelry” of the faucets, mirror (and i would use a gloss for sure)and the chandy will take care of the glitz. It will all be in scale and absolutely stunning! Nice job on Jeff hanging the chandy! You will be the envy of your neighbors…and family!

  22. The paint color is just beautiful. As a gernal rule I’m not a huge fan of faux techniques, but you just might persude me.

  23. Chiming along with everyone else, I would go for the widespread faucet. The proportions just don’t fit well, and I think that the one you have now takes away from the beautiful and interesting details of the pedestal sink.
    I am sure this is not the $$PRACTICAL$$ answer….but I think you will end up regretting this one if you don’t change it now! In other words, it will drive you nuts….
    Good luck this weekend and have a great party on Sunday!

  24. Ok, check out the box on the existing faucet…because it might just be nut & bolted to the bottom, which you should be able to remove. The only reason I say this, is because I have found faucets that I love but they had the base and finally someone at Lowe’s explained to me that those are removable. So, I ended up buying one and sure enough it was! I honestly don’t know if all faucets are like this but he made it sound like it was. ??? Just a thought for one more try at the cheaper faucet! :o) Smiles!

  25. I’m just about to redo a bathroom myself 9for our first office/studio) and am finding such similar goals between us! You’ve given me lots of good advice (including seeing your challenges) with the particular shade of BM paint. So it’s fun to read.

    We hope Jeff has recovered from the party! ;)

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