Baroque Brocade Bathroom Inspiration

I can’t possibly write a real post today, my head is swimming with random ideas and bits of information on wall treatments and how I can get a metallic-ish, brocade-ish, baroque-ish feel in the powder room. So here’s a little pictoral peak inside the madness:

(image from Decor8 archives)

brocade home

from Brocade Home

Farrow & Ball Wallpaper

“Smooshing Technique” from BM website. Heh, I like the name “Smooshing.”

lace painting

“Lace Painting” technique from Shelterrific

mendhi art


Mendhi inspired designs as stencils? (from


Pretty gray wall color from Kohler’s online gallery.

I also learned from looking at Kohler’s site and tons of other bathroom galleries that over the vanity lighting has fallen completely by the wayside in favor of sconces on either side of the vanity. Our powder room and sink are up against a wall, totally precluding that arrangement. Figures!

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  1. OMG! I love all this brocade inspiration. You have totally inspired me to do something – anything – in our next house with this in mind.

  2. RowHouse, the only problem seems to be deciding WHAT to do! But yes there’s plenty of inspriation. love your blog BTW..

  3. I have that sparrow stencil, it’s from Urban Outfitters. It on my “to do” list for my bedroom.


    now i need to breathe into a paperbag.

  4. Thats the stencil you were talking about.. I love it!

    The lace paint is really cool isn’t it? The post is pretty vague.. How much lace? What kind? But it seems like a good way to get some random texture without having to measure measure measure with a stencil design. I’m all for anything that lets me take the easy way out :)

  5. Did you see today NYT? There was a recap of lots of mirrored furniture in it.

  6. I’ve “smooshed” the walls in my kitchen two shades of yellow, part of a “funky French Country” yellow/white/blue combo with full-spectrum accents… and love the effect.

    But for your bathroom, and for the effect you’re after, Ariana, I’d vote for the metallic paint and large-scale stencils. Probably go as dusky a colour for the base as you feel comfortable with, so the stencilling is more texture than pattern, where it’s a small space…

    “Lace painting” (at least where I come from) is when you stretch a piece of lace over the wall and roll lightly over it, using the lace as a big giant stencil. It’s a lot of fun — you can check the dollar stores for el-cheapo curtains to do it with. If you go that route, do buy more curtains than you think you’ll need — they get all clogged up with paint very quickly — so you won’t get stuck and unable to get the same pattern of lace to finish up.

    I’m dying to see where you do go with this!

  7. Iloveupstate, No I didn’t – I’m off to look!

    Jen, that’s some good advice.. I’m having a hard time finding stencil paint in a LIGHT silver though, I really want the stencil to be lighter than the background color. See my today’s post, what about white stencil over smooshed silver background? Too busy?

    GREAT tip about the dollar store curtains! Do you know of any pictures where I can see the results of this technique?

  8. For anyone who’s interested, the link to the NYTimes mirrored furniture gallery is:

    There are even some affordable things, like a side table from Urban Outfitters and an etagere from JC Penney!

  9. Miraculously, I found my bookmark for a “lace painting” discussion you might find useful.

    White stencil over smooshed silver? Hmm, I think your instincts are right that it might be too busy. It depends on the degree of smooshing and balance of the colours in that. Could also end up being too subtle — possibly both!

    Let me think on this a bit…

  10. Have a look at Sherwin Williams paints. They have a line of faux finishes called “illusions” – semi-translucent metallic might be the answer, rather than an opaque silver paint. Easier than trying to get the proportions right to mix up your own blend of metallic paint and glaze.

  11. Jen, I saw that thread! Thanks :)
    The BM metallic paint I was going to use (studio finishes line) is already a glaze, so no mixing thank god.

  12. […] looking to change the “industrial-peach disaster ” wall colour to something more of a metallic-ish, brocade-ish, baroque-ish dream of a half-bath. She’s exploring ideas of an ornate metallic effect of some kind… maybe a stencil, […]

  13. Sounds like you’re “good to go”! :)

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