Preparation for the Housewarming Party

…that may never come. I’m having a terrible time picking a date when our small handful of close friends will be available. So instead, we decided to have a few people who are around this holiday weekend over for a small gathering this Sunday and schedule a bigger to-do for the last week in September or first week in October.

The thought of having people over this Sunday is rather daunting given the current state of the bathrooms at the moment. But Jeff, always happy to delegate and task me, wrote me a very ambitious day-by-day Housewarming Prep To Do List.  I’m not sure where there’s time for things like eating, sleeping and going to work in there…but I guess its good to keep us on track.

We are already behind schedule because after peeling as much of the wallpaper off in the upstairs master bath I found this:

under the wallpaper

Under the master bath Wallpaper 

Blech. What happened is in certain spots, the wallpaper peeled with it what appears to be a single layer of paint that was on the sheet rock. So now because some of it is on and some of it off, I need to get the paint off in at least that one large area. Its much harder getting the paint off than the wallpaper! Unless I can think of a way to get rid of the transition between where that layer of paint is and isn’t..I just don’t want it showing under the paint.  Maybe if I sand it?

There was also lots of icky mold under the paper. So much fun!

The good news is that our $12 ebay baroque scrolly mirror for the powder room arrived and it is infact made of wood and not plastic like some of us feared it would be!  I don’t love the finish though, its quite matte. I was thinking of painting it over in semi-gloss:
baroque mirror

I still haven’t decided what to do with the walls yet. But I’d better figure it out. According to Jeff’s schedule we’re supposed to paint it tomorrow!

Speaking of Jeff, he finished the wiring and hung the chandelier last night:

powder room chandelier

Chandelier Off

chandelier on

Chandelier On.

I’m thinking (hoping) it will pop much better off of silver/gray walls than the industrial-peach disaster that is there now.

Today’s task (in addition to figuring out what to do with the walls) is to pick out a light fixture for above the medicine cabinet in the powder room. I haven’t really found any that go with the planned baroque theme.. I have changed my mind twice about whether I wanted a fixture there at all, but jeff already wired it to a switch and so now I sort of have to. If you stumble across or know of any fixtures you think might work with the look, please let me know!

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  1. The chandelier! It’s perfect! I wish my walls were a lil bit taller so I could get something like that in our bath, but alas…

    Besides the paint behind the wallpaper issue, I think the bathroom is coming along smashingly!

  2. http://www.destinationlighting.....iid=246701

  3. The chandelier is beautiful! And I totally agree with painting your mirror frame with glossier paint. Love your blog!

  4. Wow – I’m so impressed. A mirror for 12 dollars! I agree that a coat of semi-gloss is a good idea. The chandelier looks lovely… I wish that we could have one somewhere, but it would look so silly in our bungalow.

  5. Thanks all!

    Priscilla, that is a lovely fixture. Its kind of modern though isn’t it? It might be perfect for the master bath though..

  6. Jane, thanks for the compliment on my blog. I’d love to see yours.. how do I score an invite? :)

  7. Sanding is just the ticket. We had layers of paint flake when we did some tiling, so dh went at it with a sander and smoothed everything out. Worked well. Good thing you took down that wall paper. Mold. Yuck.

  8. Yay! For the wood mirror!

  9. Too modern and the finish was wrong. How’s about this?

  10. The chandelier looks marvelous, I wish I could put one in my bathroom. Darned vent! Careful if you go sanding those walls… wear a mask… lead paint. I’ve recently had to learn all about it since I’m about to clean old, peeling brown paint off my concrete front porch. Eek, I dread it.

  11. love the stencil – it will look great when you are finished, you may want to glaze over it or finish with a low lustre polyurethene.
    love the pedestal sink too. great price! just check for any cracks – by rubbing a piece of soft charcoal over it, that is what my plumber taught me during our renovation.
    look to the catalogue “Brocade” for an idea for your mirror. I would love to see it in a matte silver or perhaps even “black” ~
    take a look at my illustrations on my site when you have a chance, between preparing for the party and renovating lol!

  12. Priscilla, I like it alot! I wish I could find something like that locally. I hate ordering stuff online because I always want to return stuff :)

    Thanks for the warning Liz.. I almost don’t want to know.

    PVE, great website! Silver for the mirror is a great idea. maybe silver leaf? Just what I need, another painting project LOL.

  13. You could just do a clear coat over the mirror, I end up using a clear coat of paint over stuff that came out too “flat” all the time. For super super shiny you can use Krylon Triple Thick Glaze which is also a spray.

  14. friends + former neighbors of ours had the same deal peeling off wallpaper (seriously, who wallpapers a kitchen?). pulled up the paint underneath, and a bunch of the paper cover on the sheetrock. contractor told them they’d either have to replace the wallboard, or re-skim coat. enter venetian plaster. basically tinted skim coat. she picked up a nice sagey grey green (i think from home depot) and did it herself in a weekend. it was a 2-step process (2 colors, too?) and it looked awesome.

  15. here’s the link for the venetian plaster

  16. I stil read your blog and love I knew about the move. We actually are mnivog to Mississippi, so we’d be in the neighborhood if you ever did consider selling it. I’m not asking you to by any means, just that if you ever do think about it .I’d sure be so so thankful if you’d let me know first.Thanks so much!!Katie

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